Akari by Nikoli Screenshot
Akari by Nikoli Screenshot
Akari by Nikoli Screenshot


Release Date

3DS eShop

  • 5th Jul 2012, $4.99 (USA)
  • 19th Dec 2013, £4.49/€4.99 (UK/EU)
By Nikoli

About This Game

Akari by Nikoli contains 50 Akari.

Enjoy high-quality Akari puzzles created by Nikoli, who gave the world-famous Sudoku puzzle style its name.

An Akari is a puzzle in which you set lights based on hint numbers in order to entirely light up the white space. The main features of Akari are depth and easy-to-understand rules. Numerous puzzles mean you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience the excitement of discovering new patterns. In Stage Clear mode, you progress by clearing puzzles one by one. In Random mode, puzzles are generated at random.