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2 Fast 4 Gnomz (3DS eShop)

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Run, jump, glide, speed up, travel in time and break your way through the magical lands of Gnomia!

The most epic and challenging 3D journey is waiting for the bravest gamers to join in.

Game features:

  • Challenging difficulty
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Pleasant and funny atmosphere
  • 45 levels (with a nightmare mode)
  • 4 crazy characters to control

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Morgan Sleeper


While the title might indicate that 2 Fast 4 Gnomz could be the marriage of Miami street racing and gnome culture we've all been waiting for, what we have instead is a much-improved eShop version of QubicGames' WiiWare runner of the same name. In fact,...

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Bass_X0 said:

And did it? I enjoyed the 3DS demo but did not enjoy the WiiWare demo. Now that there is a sale on soon, I think I may download the game.

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