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Hi I was one of the ones that got the free copy.
The good - I like the graphics, I enjoy the music and lots of tracks and multiple control schemes.
The bad - The jerky feel to it, on some tracks pretty much feels like you have to go to a dead stop to turn, also going off track gets highly aggravating.

Overall a very mediocre game. I wished I could brag it up but with its faults its hard to.



The unforgiving aspect of falling off a track is probably my biggest problem with the game thus far.



Hey guys

As I mentioned over on the Review page - we're keeping a list of all the feedback and will definately be taking it all on-board for future releases.

All the feedback so far is very much appreciated.

We got another review through too which was a 6/10; on NintendoWorldReport - so that was nice (after the 3 here).

Basically we know we made a few mistakes with Stunt Cars; and we'll learn from that for the future.

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I'm looking forward to seeing how this feedback will be considered for the DSiWare release.



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