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Tue 15th Dec 2009

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RichIcon commented on Zoonami: Nintendo Not Generating Enough Intere...:

As a developer I find the WiiWare service incredibly frustrating; not just bacause of Nintendo's lack of support.

The main killer issues are:

1) We are not allowed to release patches to rectify issues, UNLESS there was a critical error with the original build. So we are unable to respond to magazine/customer feedback and make any changes at all

2) We are not allowed to change the price point of our games once released. I'd like to drop our current titles down to 500 points, fix up a couple of issues and try and jump-start sales. Alas this is not an option as Nintendo flatly refuse to let us

EVERY other downloadable game service allows the developer to do this - why not WiiWare?

Financially WiiWare nearly killed us as a business due to its inflexibility.



RichIcon commented on Review: Arcade Sports (WiiWare):

Thanks Gabbo.

Yep - its cool to chat to people on here; I hope I'm not coming across like I am policing all the Icon threads though!

We're just keen to talk to people who buy/play our games (and those who don't) - and our priority is to ensure we produce decent games, with a good range of features and value for money. And if we make mistakes with anything, it is good to talk about those too.



RichIcon commented on Review: Arcade Sports (WiiWare):

Thanks - but I think it goes to show a certain problem with the review. If the reviewer was zoomed in to the ball every time he played then that would indeed make the Pool/Snooker games far less enjoyable than they actually are. With the zoom functionailty you can alway get the perfect view of your shot.



RichIcon commented on Review: Arcade Sports (WiiWare):

You called
Once again I feel this is an overly harsh review - but I certainly don't wish to get into a debate about that.

I'll just pick-up on a few of the inaccuracies in the review – there is full zoom functionality in Pool/Snooker. We didn’t use a ‘step back’ feature as it isn’t precise enough, and interferes with the flow of the shot.

The – and + Buttons give full control over zoom – from in close to the ball, to right back off the table. There is also an overhead view you can access with the 1 Button. I’ll post some shots of the extent of the zoom range later, or maybe a vid.

The pull back power controls – well here we have a very precise range of movement, and it has been tried and tested in our previous pool game on Wii.

Regarding the Hockey comment – well yes, you have to keep the remote facing the screen; that is a requirement for all Wii games. If you point it away from the screen the sensor bar cannot read it.

You just have to control your movements a little to avoid wild shots that will take you out of the sensors range. There is also an overhead view.

So at the end of the day it is a collection of these 4 sports games, and we went for a very straight forward, realistic approach as we are fans of the sports.



RichIcon commented on Back to Basics With Family Games - Pen & Paper...:

While it is styled on pen/paper visually, the input method isn't designed based on gestures/pen strokes. There are two input types - either using the control pad, or using the pointer.

There are plenty of rule variations in there to tailor the games, or play versions you may not have seen before.

We know it may not be for everbody, but these games are classics for a reason - and with the achievements and work report stats there is plenty to keep you going - and setting up multi-player, multi-game tournaments is a great way to play with friends or family.



RichIcon commented on Sorry Antipodean Gamers: No Bejeweled 2 For You:

There is a reason for many titles not releasing in Aus - the age ratings fee there, combined with pretty poor sales results.

So usually it is just a business decision that financially it isn't viable.

That said though I would have though Bejeweled would have done well given the name and popularity of the IP.



RichIcon commented on Soccer Bashi is Breakout with Soccer:

'ello. It was a tough crowd at the start of the thread

We've now submitted the first 'pre-submission' build to Nintendo.

What price point would you guys think reasonable for Bashi? We're mulling this over at the moment and would welcome feedback.

EDIT: Were going for a 600 point price point.



RichIcon commented on Help Icon Games Develop Stunt Cars 2:

Hey guys, I've posted before, but just to recap I'm the owner of Icon Games - just read the comments and thought I'd answer some of the queries:

"I emailed them.
I don't really know or care if I'm choosen, I just hope they take some feedback people send them and help make their next game a lot better."

Ta We've taken on all the feedback we've had to date on Stunt Cars; as an example we have stripped out all the car handling and physics code and we are in the process of replacing it all with a completely new system for Race Trax and Stunt Cars 2.

"what does best "3 ideas" mean? is that like cool new concepts, or really basic stuff that they failed at the first time around? If it's the latter then they shouldn't need a contest to figure out at least 3 of those. sounds like a ploy to get someone to download the first one."

It means we will choose 3 people whose ideas we like the best, and they will each receive the prizes/billboard and credit.
We don't need ideas on improvements from the first game, as mentioned we are very aware of all feedback in that regard. We are looking for any cool new ideas, maybe something a little quirky and unique that would suit a sequel to Stunt Cars.

"do we really need to download the game to enter in the competition?"

No - you don't.

"This seemed like a good idea until "all you have to do is download Stunt Cars and play it." Now it just seems like a massive BUY OUR RUBBISH GAME marketing gambit. I'll pass."

The suggestion to download and play is so you actually get a feel for the game, rather than just using the review as a basis - as we are keen to see ideas that gel with the basic style of the game, rather than say just generic race game suggestions like online play, better handling, etc...

I'll try and keep up with the thread here and respond to any further questions.




RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Thanks for the feedback Aronos and Alisdair - we're keeping a list of all the feedback and will definately be taking it all on-board for future releases. Very much appreciated

Basically we know we made a few mistakes with Stunt Cars; and we'll learn from that for the future.



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Thanks for the feedback guys - definately seems like we made it too punishing to make you go back to the checkpoint. Its one of theose cases where here we can easily win each race without thinking about it; as we are very used to the tracks now. And yep - pressing the Minus Button really helps this to reduce any delay if you go off the track (or are about to)
I actually made the decision to revert to checkpoint - it used to restart you where you fell off. Doh!

Roads - we used pretty high res textures all round, but I should have added a couple of texture variations in there. Next race game we do I'll make sure we put a ton of variation in the road texturing.

Load times - this I think is down to the resolution of the textures - we went right up to the limit with the texture memory so there is a lot of data loading in.



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Thanks for the feedback Ezekiel

We're definately looking into online stuff - we'll be looking to take someone on to handle network code support early next year.

"When Im off the track it puts me alot back"

Yeah - in hindsight we were perhaps a little too hard with the re-setting.

Cars - we wanted more cars - the guy who modelled them actually modelled all the original Re-Volt cars, if you remember that game, he is a great guy. But time and resources were against us.



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Jerky Shop video - it would appear we messed up the NTSC video conversion. I have asked Nintendo if we can resubmit the video with the error corrected.



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Guys - I am keen to hear any constructive feedback. For example - GFX; what aspects don't you like, where does it fall down visually. We're committed to doing future games on WiiWare - and we'll take comments on-board. So for example:

"Just looking at some gameplay of Stunt Cars make me sick.
Also, the graphics look really bad."

Can you elaborate on this? Explain the issues you have so we can better understand how it fails visually.



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Hey guys - just checked my email and I'm up to 10.

So these are the names from the first 10 emails I received (I've clipped the last names for confidentiality reasons):

Josh Z, Justin, Alex W, Robert v, Timothy D, vaughn h, Erik H, Christopher R, Alisdair E & Brian G



RichIcon commented on Review: Stunt Cars (WiiWare):

Hey guys. I am the owner of Icon, the developer of Stunt Cars. Naturally I am biased, but I feel the review was too harsh.

I'll give a free copy of Stunt Cars to the first 10 people who contact me, so that they can make up their own opinion about the game. This is for North America only.

Just drop me an email, or leave a message on here.

Richard (