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WTF! I just got a time of 2:26...still no gold. The reason this is so frustrating is that the other levels in the game are very forgiving in what you can do to get the gold. This level I feel like I'm doing nearly perfect, and yet I still haven't attained a gold. guess is like 2:20 is possible. I don't think any lower, unless there is something I'm doing wrong with my boss strategy.



Never played the full version but I liked the demo.

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@Rukiafan23 I've looked everywhere online, and haven't found anywhere/anyone that states what time is needed. Where did you see a time of 2:15 is needed? Every other level tells you what time is needed to achieve a gold after you beat it. The final level just takes you straight to the credits, and from there back to the title screen. I'm giving up on this for now, and going to wait a few days to see if anyone else replies who knows what time is needed. I've seen a number of people online claim they achieved 100%, so apparently it is possible. >_<



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