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Hey i just downloaded Bit Trip Beat and so far i am loving it, but its so freakin hard. I mean i still can't beat the first level. The song is kool and i like the graphics.

Well basically what would you want for the sequel? I mean do you want it to be a wholenother take on a classic, like frogger or pacman or something?
Or do you want it to be like pong and just improve on the forumula?

I would want a whole nother type of game which bits from old old school games and turns it into a whole new thing. But if the sequal improves on pong formula, id still purchase it, but it won't be as fresh.



From what I've heard(correct me if I'm wrong), the Bit Trip games are supposed to be the like the Art Style games in which they change the game style. Bit Trip Beat is going to be different from the other Bit Trip games, whatever they may be.

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I would like to see DLC + Leaderboards. That's all. The game's otherwise fantastic.



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