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Topic: Restarting the Nintendo Selects program

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Hoping Nintendo does this. It has been August 2011 since the last wave of rereleases hit and only Pikmin 2 and Mario Power Tennis last year have been released since under that banner and they were new to the Wii. They only did two waves of 4 releases each leaving many titles like Super Mario Galaxy 2 as great candidates for future additions.

They restarted it in Europe to coincide with the Wii Mini's release in March and in recent weeks released a second batch of selections for the holidays. And Australia is getting their first wave of Selects releases today (Did the Mini get launched there at the same time)?

I'm hoping this spurs Nintendo of America to introduce more budget priced rereleases to stores.

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I'd be awesome if they did, but seems like they won't anymore. After Wii has been discontinued officially.

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I think that ship has sailed. I think the release of the Wii Mini was NoA's final chance but nothing happened. I'd rather them focus on promotions for the Wii U.

EDIT: With that in mind, I still think it's time for Nintendo to lower the MSRP of the Wii games. I think a couple of them are still at launch price. Heck, I think some DS games are still at launch price (NSMB, Mario Kart DS).

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Pokemon HGSS used w/out the box are $50. Nintendo did down the price of Galaxy 2, Mario Bros. Wii, Sports Resort, but not Nintendo Selects level.

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Would love them to do one for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I saw one selling for $99. :O

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I don't think they need to do anymore Nintendo Selects, just lower the prices of all their games.

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I think we're beyond that now. If they wanted to keep that going, they would have done another wave or two in 2012, but they didn't.

They lowered the prices of most of the games we would consider to be "prime candidates" to like $30. Mario Galaxy 2 FINALLY got a price drop after three years of being a firm $60. That was a victory to me, I finally bought the game.

Some of the DS games are still selling at launch price too!


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