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Well Sony talked about there new console and showed some nice CGI and a controller, so what is everyone thinking Microsoft will offer ? Keep it realistic.

My Thoughts:
Free online play but there will still be a gold or premium version
Still use the same controllers. Seriously guys stop making us buy controllers
Blue Ray duh
USB 3.0
Kinnect 2.0

This is where I think it could be interesting
Jaguar CPU 1.6Ghz 8 core (sounds familiar)
7850 GPU
8GB ram DDR
Harddrive ? Reuse your Slim 360 model.

Have no clue.. too soon for Halo 5 or a new Gears. Microsoft might be in worse shape than Nintendo at launch with no games except for their strong 3rd part software.

Well just my thoughts

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How is my Microsoft in worst shape than Nintendo when they have been actively going their developer count.

343 industries
Connected experiences
Good Science Studio
Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment
Xbox Entertainment Studios
Microsoft studios mobile gaming
Microsoft Studios – Redmond Publishing
Platform Next studios
Playful learning
Skybox sports
Turn 10
Twisted Pixel
Xbox live productions

Lionhead Studios
Rare LTD
lift London
Soho Productions
Press Play

Black Tusk Studios
Microsoft Studios Victoria

They all have been hiring like lately for what seems to be next projects and many of them are pretty new getting good talent while the older studios gave been going through restructuring during the past year.


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Thanks for the link. I am just guessing as have not heard anything from most of those studios.

Well if MS was smart they would do something with the old Rare franchises even if Rare doesnt make them. A new Conker or Banjo would be great

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