Topic: When is pixelman going to make a new game?

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@unrandomsam It's touch only controls. Running is automatic; tapping on the left jumps, tapping on the right throws a rock, and holding your thumb down on the right sprints.

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[16:39] BadKitty: you trying to steal stuff from me? u_u
[16:41] kribs: don't worry Emmy, even if poix tried to steal something from you, he wouldn't finish stealing it

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Merd, what do you use to make your music? You are a pro O___O

Same ancient-ass, made-the-instruments-myself modplug NES-music-emuation rig I made 14 or so months ago - glad you like

OpenMPT, and I made the samples myself using the specs from the NES soundboard. During my most recent "stream the whole time while I make a game", I recorded the entire music making process.

Start watching here, stop when you get bored A couple straight hours of my dulcet tones Time tag didn't work: skip to 22:30 or so:

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