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I streamed in general, I don't know why but it always lagged for me. With Twitch being worse, no matter what settings I use. I have somewhat decent internet too, not only that but I rarely get anyone to watch. So streaming is basically pointless for me. :/

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I like watching streams on Twitch honestly as background noise while I play games like Stardew Valley or Hearthstone or skim Tumblr smut. I quite enjoy it. But also rather hate the Twitch community and try to avoid the chats as much as I can. Twitch chats tend to be rather toxic. Also have run into a few toxic streamers too. Jwittz is a massive jerk who once singled out a person and mocked him repeatedly live on the stream, when all the person tried to do was offer friendly advice.

A nice bonus from Twitch is that Amazon Prime members can subscribe to one user a month at no further charge. This lets you give some money to a streamer you like without actually having to dig further into your own pocket - if you already have Prime.

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