Topic: Revolution 2050 on iOS, are you playing also?

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Do you guys see a mission named “Special Force” on the MAP when playing levels 5-7? It's a powerful force with a population of 52 army units. When you defeat them, you'll receive rewards like 3k in gold, 3k in material and 52 officer EXP.

I've tried making different battle formations to win this mission, and god bless me I find that my lv6 officer with 42 machine guns (lv3) can kill them.

Here's my battle formation:

    • Lv3 MG*18
    • — - - - - - - -
    • Lv3 MG*19
    • -
    • Lv3 MG*5

Link to game:

Let me know if anyone has other tips to share or tactics that seem to be working for you in the game.



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