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Although Nintendo hasn't got into the VR ring yet "Virtual Boy doesn't count " i been wondering how some of the classic Nintendo games i loved would play in VR some day on a NX or something similar.

so i started building two demos in unity5 and using a Oculus DK2 , Donkey Kong and Mario bros .

Although the games are not playable yet .... i cant explain how cool this came out in person.. the video just doesn't do justice to the VR experience.

If anyone has a Oculus rift and would like to check out the demos for them self , let me know and i will send a link

here is some videos of both demos

Thank you
Tom Hall

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Probably would look cool, but I dunno how much more interesting the game is now that it would just be literally all up in your face. I doubt it would hold my attention more than the normal screen. But it's hard to say since I'm looking at a YT video on a screen, not on a VR headset.

If I had Mario vision, and could see what he's' seeing, that's a twist. Not sure that's been done with Donkey Kong or Mario Bros for NES but I think I've seen the concept done somewhere.



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I really hope that doesn't happen lol

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