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just want to say i am loving my switch i purchased it on black friday and haven't been able to put it down yet i only have 1 problem.... how is nintendo going to ask people to pay for online services when we still dont have a proper voice chat? i was thinking about this today because i had full intentions of picking up pay day 2 on release but how in world are you supposed to play a coop game like pay day 2 with no communication. its one thing to have the only free online service available and have it be lack luster . its another thing to try and charge for a lack luster service. and i realy dont understand the reasoning here i always thought nintendo didn't like voice chat because it was not kid friendly but yet your going to release a game like payday where you rob banks and kill cops on your console?? i mean come on nintendo its 2018 just give us normal voice chat allready like every other company does on every other console on the market. If parents dont want there kids to talk with strangers online they shouldn't buy there kid a headset its that simple.

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Voice chat will likely be taken care of with the online service. They did have it with the app for use on Splatoon 2. But it wasn't well received. Hopefully thats what the delay in the online service has been, so they can get us voice chat without that phone app.



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