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Hey all,

I would like to share the upgrade for Nintendo Switch which I have 3d printed from thingiverse.
In 99% cases I play in portable mode and we all know that joy-cons aren't really good for looong hours of playing.
So here is what I did and honestly... it is FABULOUS!

Following pictures shows very customized 3d blueprint of which suits my needs + the case and all the accessories which can be stored in there.

Let me know what else you have come up with on your physical/accessory modification.


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Well 3D printing your own is likely a decent bit cheaper than buying one at the store if you own the 3D printer and software. Personally I don't find these needed. If my arms get tired I just switch to table top mode. I don't really mind the standard shape for playing, but I am sure people with larger hands would like this. MetalJesusRocks on YouTube did a video on one he liked and that man is a beast, he looks like he is at least 6 foot tall and like 200 pounds lol

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Agreed, I am 3D printing enthusiast so it's quite easy for me.
Unfortunately I have big hands so by default playing on Switch in handheld is really not great.
And honestly when I power on the switch I am usually in situations where I can play only in my hands

Anyway, thanks for the comments.

PS: I forgot to mention that grip will add 110 grams to 415 gram Switch. But it is not noticeable since the holding it is very comfortable



Looks pretty nice. Is friction the retension mechanism?

@Heavyarms55 6'0 180-220 is common for guys in America

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Well actually the whole thing is printed from two parts joined together and it is printed very precisely.
Nevertheless it would slip out if will roll it forward.

For that I have just put there a layers of tape and now it is super tight and wont slip.
You still can put it out using mild force, but it's secure.
Although it cannot fall onto yourself because it is actually sliding inside the whole thing. There is no wobbling or anything. Fits nicely

Take a look on image below to get an idea.

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what we need is the Pro-Joy-Con!



Those earphones are dangerous for your health!!!

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