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I'm looking for help please.

I've tried to buy V-Bucks in the console which has always worked previously. Now it comes up with a 2813/2470 error code suggesting the card is not authorised.

I then linked Paypal although did this online. Paypal is NOT showing as a payment option in the console.

Finally I went online and added £20.00 as funds to the account. When I go into the console again the added funds are not showing?

I've checked the account details for both online and what's in the console and these match so why is the Paypal nor the added funds showing ?




@Conks01 I've used Paypal on the Switch eshop since launch (here in the US). Sometimes a question like this can go unanswered here, if people aren't familiar with the error. I'd give Nintendo customer support a call. Their support line is great, here in the US. Forgive me if you've found the following pages on Nintendo support. I've got a doctor's appointment I thought, some help may be better than no help. And seriously forgive me, if you've seen all of the following already.

Nintendo UK support
+44 (0)345 60 50 247 (Calls charged at National Rate)

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