Topic: Mario maker 2 Sound tile placements?

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Can anyone here tell me how i place down music tiles so the song doesn't replay but instead continues? each time i place them it just repeats the start.

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Just had the same problem.
Not sure if it's the best solution but because boss music starts playing if the enemy it's tied to appears and only stops playing when it's dead or offscreen, having an enemy like a muncher or something else that won't die throughout your level with whatever music you need on it should work. Works for the non-boss music too.



@Zaq @DennisMode To have music playing indefinitely, select the music you want, then drag it to Mario. I've done it with a couple of my levels where I had the Mario Circuit theme playing instead of the default music.

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@MarioLover92 Definitely the easiest way if you want it playing for most of the level but the enemy method works if you need different music per room/sub-area



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