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Hello, i'm Disc.nnected

I'm extremely hyped for LEGO Worlds wich is coming out on Sept 8 on Nintendo Switch. I guess i'm looking for people who are also gonna buy the game.

Maybe a little backstory for those who don't know what LEGO Worlds is. First things first, LEGO Worlds let you create things made of lego bricks. From simple houses to massive castles. Sculp your environment and complete missions. Unlock several vehicles like police cars, planes, spaceships and even animals like elephents, monkeys and... fire spitting dragons! And all that you can discover with a friend or stranger online using local or online co-op!

Join this Discord server for LEGO Worlds. The game itself has a release on Sept 8:


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I was surprised how much I have liked Lego City Underground so far. I have played about 3 or 4 hours of it. But honestly now that I have Spatoon 2 and with Games like Mario + Rabbids and Odyssey coming soon I don't think I have any appetite left for more Lego games. I doubt I will play Underground again for a long while.



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