Topic: Is the Joy Con Charge Grip worth buying?

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I just have a nice pair of individual joycon cases, and rarely, if ever, use the grip. I'd rather just hold them individually.

Mostly because I'd need to remove the cases since they wouldn't fit with them on.

The charging grip sounds quite useless from what has been said here.


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@Delibheel For me it's just to make two bigger controllers out of the four small ones, without dipping into a pro controller and it seems the only solution to guruantee an official nintendo grip as I've seen a lot cheap ones (coming from china)... so yeah >.>



@Darthy09 I would only suggest one if you are going to be playing with more than one set of joycons on a regular basis. Otherwise as others have said, they will charge whenever they are on the Switch itself. And I would encourage you to get a pro controller before a second set of joycons, if you haven't already.

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Heavyarms55 wrote:

And I would encourage you to get a pro controller before a second set of joycons, if you haven't already.

ak.... I got like 6 Pro controller two of which at SSB controller and one X2 Pro and Splatoon and two black then two Joy-Cons and NES Switch controller. Got my SSB gallery ready to go.



So I ended up getting the charge grip and the pro contriller, while the pro controller are for single sessions me, the extra charge grip is for the case of the pro controller charching (the set up is too far away to use the cable) and have a friend over. Though with that I think I am covered except there is a smash flash mob outside f my house, though even than I guess there will be the odd person with a controller. (even though it's not my topic to begin with).

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