Topic: Do pro controller works with all games?

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I just bought a pro controller.

I tried it with two games:

Zelda breath of the wild
Bayonetta 1

I had already started Bayonetta playing in handheld mode.
Now, when I have the switch in docked mode and I'm using the pro controller, when I start Bayonetta the controller stops working (the led light disappears too).

If I go into options, I can only choose the touch or the joycons (the joycons are showed as attached to the console but I can also play using them detached)

Is it a problem of the controller, of this specific game or there are several games which can't be played with the pro controller?



There are several games that can’t be played with a pro controller. Bayonetta should work, though :/


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1-2-Switch, Super Mario Party, LABO don't support Pro Controller too.

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I played Bayonetta with pro controller, so it should work with said title. Have you updated your controller?

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Also you can look at the back of the game case and it also list the controllers as well. Or just check the Nintendo site I think they would list which controllers the game uses.



@alsora The vast majority of titles support the Pro controller. Only a handful of them don't. You can check on the back of the box for retail releases, or in the eshop. Both show controller compatibility.

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The eShop pages for the games always tell you what controllers are supported.

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