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@Ruthless4u : The Let's Go games are a fine entry point, and includes the fun ability to use motion controls to capture Pokémon as well as encountering Pokémon via the overworld, whereas Sword/Shield reverts to the conventional series of games.

Having said that, Sword/Shield will include exponentally more content for one's buck, including hundreds, if not in excess of 800 potentially accessible Pokémon whereas Let's Go is limited to the first 151 (plus two Pokémon that can only be acquired via Pokémon GO).

Given his age, he will probably enjoy Sword/Shield a lot more, and its plot and characters will coincide with the upcoming series of the television series as well.


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Well Im sorry I suck at explaining ok sheesh..



Anti-Matter wrote:

I can recommend some Nintendo Switch games for your family.

Multiplayers (Up to 3 - 4 players)
1. Overcooked 2
2. Super Mario Party
3. Mario Tennis Aces
4. Go Vacation
5. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Two players
1. LEGO City Undercover
2. Portal Knights
4. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee
5. 1-2-Switch

Forgot to mention Mortal Kombat 11.



Rocket League would be a good addition as you can all play online together IF you have Nintendo Switch Online. That is cheaper than it's competitors (aka Xbox Live and PS Online) and you can buy it annually. However, it's best to buy it on the E-Shop (the Switch's online shop) rather than in stores as it costs much more in there. Also, if your child is wanting to play with friends online, there is no voice chat or messaging for some reason (with the unusual exception of Fortnite).



Is it possible to add funds to the eshop without buying the switch first? My in-laws gave us a gift card ( thought he already had it) but I can’t seen to find where to add funds.



I don't think so, @Ruthless4u .... Can't find anyway to do it on site in browser, at least



Nope. You need the actual console first.

Nice >:]

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Now I need to find a place to hide it where he won’t find it and I won’t forget I put it.



Not to delve into politics. But with the potential trade issues with China there has been a lot of speculation of various electronics prices increasing.

Would anyone consider this a possibility for the switch?



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