Topic: Anyone else had this kind of Joy-con problem?

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I'm now without my Switch again (withdrawal beginning to set in) having just shipped it to Nintendo's official repair center after recently receiving it back for a drifting stick on the left Joy-con issue.
After receiving back my 'repaired' left Joy-con I fired up the Switch, paired the controller & then had to re-pair every time I changed game until after trying for several hours the Joy-con just wouldn't work again & hasn't since, which has brought me to where I'm at now..

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There's not much anyone on here can do. Since you sent to Nintendo you should ask for a new replacement since the repair didn't work. Otherwise they should give you some kinda gift card so you can go and buy a new set to replace the failed ones.



Maybe it died?
Just saying.

Nice >:]

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@SwitchForce @MysticGengar Anyone notice how the second post is just a thesaurussed version of the OP?

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If it’s still under warranty you should request a new set of joy cons from Nintendo free of charge.

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Occasionally my left one, joycon of course, will need to resync but nothing like this. My understanding is they fixed this issue. I would request a new updated joycon.



@gcunit Yup. Hence my report earlier. But I guess we shouldn't use our critical thinking caps


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