Topic: Kickstarter games that may be coming to the Wii U - Noctemis and Cryamore?

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Whatever your feelings towards Kickstarter, there's no doubt it's provided some great concepts in the last year, and some of them are on their way to the Wii U eshop this year. However, not all of them are
Never the less, I though we should have a place to point out the one's which are, or the one's which may be. So far neither of these titles have been featured on the news page, so a little extra advertising for them:
So to start off, here's Noctemis, an action-horror game confirmed for Wii U after it passed its $6,000 stretch goal. Very little polished video but some amazing concept art:

One which 'may' be coming to the Wii U is Cryamore, a fantastic looking RPG that will be console bound IF they double their current income. With 20 days to go there's a real chance it'll make it, and I hope it does:

And finally one which we hope (and it has been on the news page) the 90s arcade racer is perilously shy of its goal. Perhaps if he formally announces Wii U support rather than teasing it he'll get the boost over the edge:

Anyone found any other great looking projects that have so far gone unreported that are Wii U bound?

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