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The RayMan Origins™ demo has finally hit the Nintendo eShop after suffering MANY delays. There are over 60 LEVELS packed with adventure, but the demo only has 3 of them. Battle incredible boss monsters like Mama, a pink monster with a billion eyes. So get on your Mosquito, and fly into adventure!

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There a Rayman game on the 3DS

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.........Did you get hit on the head hard,suffer from amnesia,or just get your 3DS?

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Wow, thanks for the info. Cant wait to play this masterpiece in all its horrible audio-compressed, Multiplayer-stripped, cramped Glory that will probably make me snap my 3ds in half when I try to get that running treasure chest.

But seriously, everyone should try out Origins but the 3DS version is just sad, moreso since it has been delayed for almost a year after the console release.

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