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I have several virtual console games I want to move off my Wii U memory onto an SD card, but I can't figure out how to do this.

I formatted it to fit into the front slot (FAT32) but I have no idea how to get the Wii U data onto it if the Wii U menu doesn't read FAT32. From the Wii menu, the full downloaded games don't show up in system memory, only the save files, which are like 1-3 blocks each and moving them won't help free up space. I also tried plugging the card in through a USB SD card reader in the back and re-formatting it there to be read as a USB drive, but the console didn't recognize it, just sat there for 10 minutes looking for the card. Really hope I didn't just waste $30 on this thing.

Details: The console itself -does- recognize the SD card from the Wii menu, so the front slot works, and the card is the right type. I just don't get the process for moving full games from the Wii U menu onto an SD card. Are my games just locked into the Wii U memory at this point?



Pretty sure saves and game data can't be stored on an SD card with Wii U. I think that is exclusively for stuff like pictures you take in-game (altho Smash is the only game that does that that comes to mind) and Wii mode.

You have to use a USB stick (which isn't recommended) or hard drive for your games etc.

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You can't use SD cards for Wii U data. That's for Wii only.

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