Topic: The Scariest Game Location Ever

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oh and in rayman 3, your in some temple and they have these reeeally freaky monsters walking around and whenever you turn a corner and theres one right there, you almost fart out a huge turd

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The Plains Of Oblivion from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I hated those friggen hell holes! Filled with nothing but fire monsters and death.

Mars from Doom III is pretty nuts...gotta love the endless supply of lights going out and pitch black hallways.

finally Rapture from f*ck that place FOR REAL



I would have to say the alternate hospital in Silent Hill 3 is hands down the scariest location. It makes the hospital from Silent Hill 2 seem tame . Also, as far as Silent Hill 2 is concerned, I thought the prison was scarier than the hospital. The elementary school in Silent Hill 1 is pretty scary too.



A normal hospital scares me to death, brooks83. So, I'm glad my medical transcription department isn't inside of it, but in the annex building



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