Topic: The Nintendo Life Best VGM Tournament (Round Two, Fight!)

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1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley
2) Super Mario Galaxy - Bowser Battle

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CapnPancakez wrote:

InternetBowser wrote:

Gerudo Valley isn't anything special


1. Super Mario Galaxy - Credits/Ending

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Another Winter

Agreed, Gerudo valley is so overrated and those are the songs I'm voting for too.


1) Super Mario Galaxy - Credits/Ending
2) Super Mario Galaxy - Bowser Battle


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Super Mario Galaxy wins 6-2
Another Winter wins the tiebreaker at 4-4

Alright people, this is it! Here is the final round of this tournament. I know i've had a lot of fun doing this and I hope everyone else has too. But for now, let's see which song comes out on top.
Here is a link to the current bracket

1) Super Mario Galaxy - Credits/Ending vs Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Another Winter

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It's been a long journey to this point. There have been many awe inspiring victories, but just as many crushing defeats. We've all seen favorites come and go from the tournament. Now there are only two songs left. They have done well to arrive at the finals, and, if songs could feels, they would feel proud. However, we all know that there can only one victor can emerge from this heated battle. Now, we must choose the song we believe most deserves the laurel wreath of victory. I choose Super Mario Galaxy - Credits/Ending.

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I'd like to thank everyone (especially @CapnPancakez) for making my favourite thread here in NL. I've been introduced to some truly spectacular pieces of music that I'll surely listen even after this competition.

But but, now it's time to make my choice. After listening thoroughly both songs there's no doubt in my mind.
My vote goes to: Super Mario Galaxy: Credits/Ending

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Wow, we're actually at the final two songs. It's been fun deciding the victors through out this tournament with all of you. Thanks to @CapnPancakez for leading this after the original poster faded out. I hope we can continue on this thread with the special tournaments me and @Fonistofcruxis suggested.

These two are somewhat difficult to choose between, Another Winter is pure retro sounding bliss from a game that came out in 2010, so its truly impressive. However, there's a certain magic about Super Mario Galaxy's music that I think no other video game has ever reached. It evokes emotions of my first time playing this wonderful game. There's this sense of wonder that other games have trouble replicating, its that Nintendo magic that's so profound to me.

My vote goes to none other than: Super Mario Galaxy - Credits / Ending.

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I'd like to thank everyone who has participated in this contest, especially those who were here through the thick and thin. Thank you all for supporting me in the revival of this thread, I've had a lot of fun and I hope that everyone will stick around for new and bigger tournaments.

My vote goes to: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Another Winter

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Super Mario Galaxy - Credits / Ending

It would be fun to do this again from the beginning. I was not around when the thread originally began, and as such could not nominate songs to be in the tournament. To make matters worse, each person could nominate 4 songs, so only a handful of people got their songs in the tournament, and because of that the nominations were cut off rather fast. If we were to do this again, I think each person should only choose 1 song each. This would allow more people to share their musical preferences, creating a wider variety, and each person would be more attatched to and emotionally invested in their song. It would definately make things more interesting and intense during each voting round. And because more people would have the chance to nominate their favorite song, it would be relevant to even more people.

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I think I only voted on this thread once before, but hey, why not?
Super Mario Galaxy Credits Theme
Also, I agree with @Intrepid's idea to do this again sometime as I was unable to fully participate.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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@CapnPancakez I really think this is (potentially) a good, and beneficial idea.
I first clicked on the link and went to the first page to see what it's about, but because of all the videos loading at the same time, it made my computer froze. This is one of the essential reasons why this lead to the demise of the "Favorite Video Game Music Track?" thread and some others.
I suggest that people post links to the video and/or paste an image of the game cover or cover of the game soundtrack. This will lead to less crashing, freezing, errors, loading, etc. And although people don't generally say these things, (since most music threads are pretty much dead so why say anything) you have to take into account for those with slow computers, different browsers, and more. We aren't able to do that so as I said before, post links and images (Youtube doesn't load every video off the start, so be realistic).

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