Topic: The Nintendo Life Best VGM Tournament (Round Two, Fight!)

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I saw this on another board and thought it might work here.

OK, basically, I will make a tournament bracket out of video game music suggested by you, and whoever gets the most votes moves on to the next round. The process repeats until we can crown one song the "Nintendo Life Champion."


  • You must post a Youtube video or mp3 of the full version of each song you're nominating.
  • You may nominate a maximum of 4 songs.
  • No remixes.
  • No custom music made for unofficial games such as rom hacks.
  • No unused music.
  • When voting, please listen to both songs in each round.
  • When voting, you may pass on voting for any number of rounds you like.

You may not nominate any more songs, as the deadline has passed.

Any questions? Feel free to ask and I will gladly answer them.

If you have any suggestions for rules, tell me!

Have fun!

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I'm going to use some less popular tracks:

Sonic CD: Metallic Madness Bad Future

Half-Life: Nuclear Mission Jam

And that's all I can think of right now.

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Oh, and could you guys also put the title of the song next to your videos? It would help me out greatly.

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I think I'll do one per platform.

Ice Cap Zone 2- Sonic 3

Toad's Turnpike- Mario Kart 64

Treasury Room- Super Castlevania IV

Void- Last Ninja 3

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I´m sure in the end the obvious ones will prevail, but here´s my favorite VG melody of all time, and some oddies.

Mario Kart 64 - Victory Lap

Chrono Cross - Scars of Time (Opening Theme)

The Munchables - 20,000 Leagues of Feast

Acceleration of SUGURY - Migratory Bird From North

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Yes, you may post multiple songs from the same game.

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I'll post my four most favourite vgm ever:Final destination- Tales of Symphonia[youtube:Aq_KSW3xric]Last battle-decision- Tales of Symphonia[youtube:0e94d2BnHKo]Meaning of birth- Tales of the abyss[youtube:w-AoP3NOja0]Dry trail- Tales of Symphonia[youtube:FaZCIUpOLng]

I've got a suggestion for this thread which is that when the original contest is over, you could do similar themed vgm contests like best boss theme, best level theme, best credits theme etc. Maybe, other users could make nominations for the next contest when this is over.Despite the names, Final destination is the final boss theme from ToS and Last battle-decision is the final dungeon theme. It may not sound like it but Meaning of birth is a boss theme.

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Metal Slug 5 - Final Attack

Bionicle Heroes - Titles

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Bowser Battle

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

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Also, wtf is alaska time?



@rob1ffy Still alive is from the first portal. This thread tells you how to put up youtube videos and has many other useful tips too. Also, instead of double posting you could edit your post.

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Oh sorry. I just played them at the same time.



I feel every one of these should have this:

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Alaska Time is 4 hours behind eastern time. Those of you who live ou east get unti midnight on August 29th.

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I could go standard "Wily's Castle stage 1" music, but I'd thought I'd be a bit more creative

Rising Sun - Okami

True Heroes - Viewtiful Joe 2

C. Viper's Theme - Street Fighter IV

Enough Capcom music! I'll throw Doopliss' theme in here for good measure

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Don't be afraid to nominate obvious songs. Just because they're obvious doesn't mean that they'll go far. On one board I saw Stickerbrush Symphony from DKC2 go out in the first round because people thought it was overrated. All I'm saying is, don't be afraid to nominate the obvious.

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Paper Mario - Main theme
Super Mario Sunshine - Secret level theme
Legend of the Dragoon - Boss battle
Pokemon colosseum - battle music



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