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Come on mang I am never serious. Though if you want to talk animation... Everything is animated overseas now, like Korea. Even King of the Hill. Japanese animation puts emphasis on certain areas. That's how you have all that detail but somethings are very limited like facial expressions and such (at times). Just remember though everything with them big old eyes was influenced by Disney.

Really though if I say something else like that I'm just goofing around. Or try to troll Chrono.

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And those death scenes where it takes someone five pages of script to die...

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LzQuacker wrote:

Why is Scrooge in that show? :O

Lol, I love that moment. :D

I think Brentalfloss threw that in there as a quick reference to his Duck Tales video:

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

They'll probably do on when a new Starfox game releases., like Kid Icarus: Uprising and Pikmin 3.

Speaking of which, I wonder when those will come out. I need some sort of Pikmin fix until 3 is released; I can only play 1 and (much more often) 2 so many times...

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