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In the Mario Kart 8 DLC retro course GBA Ribbon Road, it takes place in a child's bedroom. Smash takes place on someone's desk. Is it possible that Mario Kart is also a figment of a child's imagination? Maybe for more outdoorsy and naturistic courses, the person takes his karts and characters outside to play (i.e. GCN Dry Dry Desert and Wii Dry Dry Ruins could take place in a sandbox). This is just my creative thinking but it is quite intriguing.



Or the flashbacks of a down and out adult. And rainbow road takes place when he drops acid. Shell power ups are his dead pet turtles, painted red and green. The blue one he bedazzled. Coins are sidewalk pennies, mushrooms are his snack (portabellas), and banana peels are from the dumpster. Battle balloons are clearly reminiscent of his time as a mule, running from police.

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Don't you know that all the Mario kart titles after Mario hits a gold mine of coins in new super Mario bros 2, and Mario starts up his own sports brand that consists of go parting, golf, tennis, baseball, and basketball

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uh no?



I think if Mario Kart had similar settings to Micro Machines it would be pretty sweet, racing on the kitchen table, classroom, pool table, etc.

But to answer the original question, no, I don't think Mario Kart is just a random kid's imagination. Smash maybe, but not Mario Kart.

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