Topic: Interested in a Smash Bros/Streetpass Event in South East England?

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For my 18th birthday this year, I want to do something that's completely crazy. My idea was to hire a screen at my local cinema (Cineworld Chichester) and play Smash Bros, and maybe a few other games. Not only this, but I wanted to invite people from the community to join me and perhaps bring a 3DS for Streetpass fun.
Tickets would be free, but I also want to use the event as a fundraiser for a charity close to my heart, Diabetes UK.
I've contacted the cinema just a moment ago, but before I get a response, I would just like to see if people would be interested if they live nearby.
If you're curious, the event would be held on Sunday 4th October, from about 13:00 to 17:00



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