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Hello all at nintendo life! It's been a long time since I've created a forum but I currently am facing a dilemma. As those of you who are 3DS friends with me will know, I am a hugely devoted nintendo fan and have to collection to back it up. There is one item that although I was certain I would get, seems to have eluded me. I'm referring to the 40dollar Pizza Hut gift cards nintendo recently sent out to "a select group of some of their biggest wii u fans." Well for whatever reason, I did not receive one. I'm not upset about it....I mean I get it. Nintendo probably only had so many and sent them to a handful of folks. Well I'm banking that at least a couple people here received one. If anyone with this card (and more importantly the decorative sleeve it came in) and would like to sell it to me, I would very much like to talk. I don't care if it has money on it. I just want the card and sleeve. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bit on the weird side but stuff of this random and obscure nature is exactly what I like for my nintendo collection. So if you have the item I am seeking please reply and we can talk some numbers (obviously I'm not paying something totally ridiculous as it IS just plastic and card board) but I'm thinking somewhere around $25. Help in tracking down this item is greatly appreciated!

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