Topic: An thank you letter to Nintendo Life.

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We have an awesome community who doesn't rant a lot! Only about shooters which is ironic because every other site is crazy about 'em.

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i've been here for 2-3 days and i have to say that the site own xD u guys rock!

( ‘,')b Thumbs up! lol


Brilliantly written reviews and forums with likeminded gamers always eager to help out with games and give their honest opinions?
NL all the way.

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Thanks everyone for the positive comments, we at the team think just as much of you guys. Of course we have to make sure that this site remains awesome, and you as much as us have that responsibility, so keep it up, and we'll equally do our best.



this site is the bestest and it is an pleasure to watched and readed its reviewss and forum.
Ha correct that Bleachfan888 lol jk

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