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TwilightPoint wrote:

The grannie levels are coming to the 3DS version via a free update.
"You might be asking yourself, "Why should I vote for Mudds on Steam?" when you may already have Mutant Mudds on your 3DS, or you’re waiting for the 20 new Grannie levels to land on the eShop (which is totally going to happen btw, as a free update)."

Yup this is true!! Just saw the news. Let's get those votes up people.

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Sweet. I've already 100%'d all 3 save slots, so it'll be great to have more to play.

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darn it, now I need to go back and finish 5-4...

That being said, I think it's really great that devs are adding in extra levels through the update system free of charge. It's such a nice gesture for the players

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Awesome. Super tough levels can be overwhelming when you first get a game, but i've played Mutant Mudds so much that my body is ready for some pain now. - where serious gamers have fun with their puppies

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Just bought the game!! (IKR, finally )

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for the best replay value, play through the levels first without getting the diamonds. then go back later once you've played all the levels


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Just to clarify about the DLC: Are the 20 new levels like 10 "regular" levels with 10 more V-Land/G-Land levels, or is it just 20 new "regular" levels?

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