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I've been making a Pokemon Project with some other Pokemon Fans.
What we do is create new ways of playing Pokemon, and by doing those missions you would earn "H2o Points". With those points you can buy Items, Ranks, and Prizes such as Nintendo DS Games and a Nintendo DSi.
Some of the Ranks available right now are : The Ranks will also gain H2o Points.

"Warriors" - These people fight others and can request any Pokemon they need that is
available in the Database.

"Pokemon Trackers" - These people will locate and catch certain Pokemon.

Our website right now is at Freewebs but we are soon updating our servers to a new, better , and cleaner look, much better hosting.
If you join send me a PM and I will give you any LEGIT Pokemon of your choice.

I would like to know what you all thought about this and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!

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Thank you, I am glad you like it. We will be updating soon so be on the lookout! I'll keep posting any changes.
Hopefully we will be changing the Freewebs thing soon, I really don't like Freewebs.. lol



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