Topic: Too old to have Amiibo?

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I don't think I am too old to have amibo



@thesilverbrick Nothing wrong with release of Amiibos but for SSB Game release - Zelda versions aren't in the collection series. But if they make knew Amiibos I think Amiibos collectors/buyers are going to go broke again.



Lol I bought my 57 year-old dad a wedding Bowser Amiibo for Christmas last year. He's not a gamer, incapable of playing anything more complicated than Space Invaders, but he loves Bowser and thought it was a great gift. Hoping to get him a Bowser Jr. to go with it this year lol.



@Euler you have to remember they are saying that but secretly behind out backs buying and selling Amiibo at scalping prices. That's why they say what they say so others don't find out.



@stuie1234 It's not a matter of age. So long as you take care or your requirements first, like paying your bills and feeding your kids, what you do with your money is totally up to you.

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I don't we would be having this discussion if Nintendo actually made Amiibo more useful than unlocking a special costume.



@Trajan this is what a narcissist would say. People collect all sorts of things but Amiibo has value and uses so since you already failed to see that combo as your reply only attacks rather then understand. If you want to reverse ask why are you on this site you consider a kid site then.



Trajan wrote:

I never understood amiibos and view them as kids toys, but if you're 41 and you want it, rock on.

What did your wife/gf say about it?

So what ?!
Who cares what they said ?

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I don't personally see them as kids "toys". What kid will want a fragile statuette without any kind of interesting function or articulation to play.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@SwitchForce I think I got all topics.

Yeah disregard.

Also I'd totally get a mech amiibo. That would be neat.

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@Anti-Matter @Yosheel that's the problem here if one doesn't have a retort they go to the lowest common denominator instead.



If people take issue screw em. I have several as decorations.



stuie1234 wrote:

I'm 41 and I've been buying Amiibo is this ok or do I need to grow up?

How can you be too old for amiibo? That is like saying you can be too old to have fun. Kudos to you!



I'm 36 and have quite a few, never use them in games, but I like the look of them on my selves at home.
True, wife thinks they are wasted pieces of plastic, but I like them.


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Bunkerneath wrote:

I'm 36 and have quite a few, never use them in games, but I like the look of them on my selves at home.
True, wife thinks they are wasted pieces of plastic, but I like them.

Hahaha, what does she say exactly?



Never too old for anything!
It really depends on the height restrictions.

Nice >:]

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Those people are best called TROLLs.



MiniSara wrote:

That is like saying you can be too old to have fun.

I mean, they won't let me into the McDonald's play place anymore.

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@ReaderRagfihs I know a good lawyer that can help with that

I'll be your 1up girl

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