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Topic: 3DS VC games missing between reigons (The old thread)

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Geonjaha wrote:

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Good grief do you have to post a list every time :O

I'm actually getting plenty of requests to make a new topic which has the list only on the first post, then I edit the list everytime it gets updated, then I make a post to bump up the topic with the games coming in the next update.

...So why not just do it then? You don't need to make a new thread. As has been pointed out many times, just update the first post in this thread. Honestly seeing a full page filled up with the same list 12 times is messy.

I'm not trying to be rude, but the 2 lines I have in bold contradict each other. The reason why I want to start a new thread is because of the 12 pages of lists already there, and editing them all would take too much time for anyone.

Here's a link to the new thread: http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/3dsvc/3ds_virtual_console_...

I sent a request to a mod to close this thread, I'll give my Wii U equivalent to this one this treatment really soon.

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Duly noted.

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