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Sunday25th Sep 2016

  • Feature Ten of Our Favourite DSiWare Games

    Remembering some of the best from Nintendo's first portable eShop

    The DSi was a console that had some important 'firsts' for Nintendo's portable efforts, chief among them was a digital storefront. Though the DSiWare shop may seem rather primitive compared to the eShop nowadays, there were still plenty of quality titles to be found on the service...

Tuesday2nd Aug 2016

  • Reminder Points Can't Be Added to the DSi Shop After 30th September

    Wake me up when September ends

    A few months ago, it was announced that Nintendo would at last be pulling the plug on its Nintendo DSi Shop. Considering that NX is mere months away from release, this is something that didn't come as much of a surprise, but it's no doubt still disappointing news for many. There's still time to continue using the shop...

Thursday31st Mar 2016

  • News The Nintendo DSi Shop Shuts Down Next Year

    The end of an era

    When Nintendo released the Nintendo DSi, it featured numerous simple, yet effective, new features to the original DS that gave it more multimedia functions. One of these introductions was the Nintendo DSi Shop, Nintendo's first foray into implementing a digital storefront on a portable console. While the quality of the games...

Monday22nd Feb 2016

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    Review Crazy Train

    Going off the rails

    Nintendo's DSiWare service may be in the autumn of its life now, but there are occasionally some new releases for the platform. DSiWare has never necessarily been known for playing host to terribly deep or innovative games, but there are plenty of solid pick up 'n' play experiences to be had for just a couple of bucks. Crazy...

Thursday28th Jan 2016

Wednesday18th Nov 2015

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    Review The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    "Cor blimey, gu'vnor"

    The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde takes us right back to a London morning in 1886. A body is discovered – a wealthy man who was highly regarded by everyone. Why was he murdered? How? What is going to happen next? Your job is to step into the shoes of an inspector, looking for clues and talking to important...

Thursday27th Aug 2015

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    Review G.G Series VECTOR

    Low magnitude

    The last title in the G.G Series has come to pass at last, and it concludes the series in a rather anticlimactic and slightly disappointing manner. G.G Series VECTOR attempts to yet again take a crack at the falling block puzzler and it does so with mixed results. While there's an interesting original idea that's executed in a...

Wednesday26th Aug 2015

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    Review G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN

    Off the chain

    The next title in the G.G series takes us back to the puzzler genre with yet another take on the tried and true block puzzler. Amazingly enough, this is pulled off with a surprising amount of success and is as enjoyable as it is original. If there's any complaint to be levelled against G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN, it's that the overall...

Monday24th Aug 2015

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    Review G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER

    The name says it all

    The next title in the G.G series opts to return to the bullet hell genre with generally positive results. Due to the fact it makes little to no effort at creating its own identity, G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER is rather forgettable. That being said the controls are solid, the visuals and sound are suitably old-school, and the...

Sunday23rd Aug 2015

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    Review G.G Series NYOKKI

    Snake charmer

    The next title in the G.G series aims to remix a classic arcade game, and it mostly succeeds in achieving that goal. While there are some issues with the way that the main character responds to your controls, there really isn't much else to complain about. G.G Series NYOKKI is a good example of how to pull off a budget arcade game; it...

Friday21st Aug 2015

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    Review G.G Series AIR PINBALL HOCKEY

    A missed opportunity

    Thought the G.G Series was done, did you? Well it's not, and – after a brief hiatus – we're back to giving you our two cents as to which of these numerous mini games are worth your time. This time around, G.G Series AIR PINBALL HOCKEY is in the hotseat and it manages to provide a beautifully divisive experience that manages...

Friday24th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series THROW OUT

    ​Throw this one out

    We return to the G.G series with the sports genre, this time looking at a soccer game with combative elements reminiscent of the Mario Strikers series. It somewhat succeeds in this attempt, but matches are seldom challenging and consequently feel dull. While the game mechanics themselves are solid enough, one can't help but...

Wednesday22nd Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT

    Hopefully this really is the last knight

    The G.G series has grown a great deal in recent weeks, and another addition is an action adventure game that bears more than a passing resemblance to dungeons from The Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT doesn't hold any of the same magic and fails to deliver entertainment that has much...

Sunday19th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series VERTEX

    A bit too one dimensional

    The next game in the G.G series is here, and this one is yet another unique take on the puzzler genre. While G.G Series VERTEX starts out strong with an interesting shooter-puzzler hybrid, it quickly peters out when this concept fails to develop into anything further. Pair this with lacklustre visual and sound design, and...

Saturday18th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series RUN & STRIKE

    Double fault

    The next entry in the G.G series opts to branch out a bit and little something in the sports genre. While this works relatively well initially, the novelty of the gameplay soon wears off and it quickly becomes rather boring. G.G Series RUN & STRIKE is a decent arcade game, but players looking for anything more will be sorely...

Thursday16th Jul 2015

Wednesday15th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!!

    Rock solid

    The next title to look at in the G.G series is yet another action platformer, but it manages to feel distinct from the others in more ways than one. Unlike every G.G game up to this point, G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! focuses less on being an arcade-focused game best suited for quick playthroughs, and more on being an experience that...

Friday10th Jul 2015

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    The way of the ninja

    The next game in the G.G series opts to return to the platformer genre yet again, and the end result is surprisingly engaging. G.G Series THE HIDDEN NINJA KAGEMARU is a unique arcade focused, 2D stealth platformer that manages to put forth a distinct and compelling gameplay system that'll keep gamers coming back again and again...

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    Review G.G Series ALL BREAKER

    Are you worthy of the hammer?

    We have another title in the G.G series to consider, and this one opts to go back to action platformer roots. However, G.G Series ALL BREAKER focuses on including puzzle elements into the mix alongside the oddly compelling, melee-centric action. The end result is an engaging experience that'll keep challenging both your...

Thursday9th Jul 2015

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    I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!

    The G.G series continues onward, and once again goes back to the platformer genre. G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE does its best to provide gamers with a compact action platformer, and it largely succeeds in achieving this goal. While it may seem a bit derivative at times, the solid platforming action on offer here...

Tuesday7th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series SHADOW ARMY

    Bob and weave

    The next title in the G.G series opts to go once again into the shooter genre, and the interesting gameplay manages to set G.G Series SHADOW ARMY apart from its predecessors in a meaningful way. While some aspects of it may be dull and somewhat uninspired, the continuously variable and fast paced nature of its gunplay make it an...

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    Review G.G Series EXCITING RIVER

    A quick trip through choppy waters

    The G.G Series continues rolling forward with its seemingly endless number of releases, and this time it's branching out into light racing territory. True to the identity of the series that it's coming from, G.G Series EXCITING RIVER offers a barebones yet enjoyable arcade game that shows its value not through its...

Monday6th Jul 2015

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    Fresh off the conveyor belt

    Packing away hundreds of toys rolling off of a factory conveyor belt, who hasn't had that dream? The next title in the G.G series is another falling block puzzler, and while it presents a unique and enjoyable type of gameplay, it's impeded somewhat by some suppressive game mechanics and an uninspired soundtrack. That...

Sunday5th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK

    Block Dude 2.0

    Another entry in the G.G series has arrived, and anybody who's owned a TI series calculator and spent a lengthy amount of time in a high school math class will immediately feel at home with the type of gameplay here. Indeed, the premise of G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK feels like a successor of sorts to the cult classic, Block Dude, and it...

Saturday4th Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON

    ​More than meets the eye

    Short, sweet, and to the point. That's the phrase that best describes most games in the G.G series and G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON is no different - it offers an interesting and enjoyable gameplay experience that's over just about as quickly as it's begun. While it would be nice if there was a bit more meat to it, what is...

Friday3rd Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER

    Mega Buster

    The G.G series keeps on going, and next up is another shoot 'em up; yet this one presents a unique and dynamic combat system that's surprisingly engaging. In an experimental series that's pretty hit or miss depending on the genre being attempted, G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER provides a fun, arcade style shooter that's easily the most...

Thursday2nd Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series COSMO RALLY!!

    Get ready to activate your G-diffusers

    This particular title in the G.G Series seems to have been inspired by a certain other futuristic racer, and while it presents an admirable take on the concept of high speed and interstellar racing, its lack of diverse content holds it back from being particularly memorable. That being said, G.G Series COSMO...

Wednesday1st Jul 2015

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    Review G.G Series HERO PUZZLE

    ​A long journey

    The G.G Series aims to provide players with quick arcade experiences on their DS systems at a low price point, and it experiments with a wide variety of genres to achieve this goal. Some of these genres are a better fit than others and this results in a somewhat unpredictable line of games that's a collection of highs and lows...

Tuesday30th Jun 2015

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    Review G.G Series WONDERLAND

    ​We're all mad here

    It's not often that a new DSiWare game shows up on the eShop, as that particular line of software is on the brink of extinction. Imagine, then, the shock when the G.G Series made its return to the service when Genterprise chose to localise the remaining games in the series. G.G Series WONDERLAND marked the beginning of the...

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    Review G.G Series THE SPIKY BLOWFISH!!

    ​Under the sea

    DSiWare is admittedly a pretty hit or miss service, with games on it typically being forgettable mini-games and otherwise unexceptional apps. The G.G series does a remarkable job of providing decent quality arcade experiences, and the next game in the long list of titles in this series is no different. G.G Series THE SPIKY...