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  • Random Senran Kagura Was Almost Named 'Ninjugs' Here In The West

    "better judgment sliced through and prevailed"

    Senran Kagura by Marvelous might not be the most well-known series here in the west, but it is beginning to get more exposure. Most recently, the localisation team at XSEED Games helped release Senran Kagura: Peach Ball on the Nintendo Switch. Once again, this game starred the usual group of female...

  • News All XSEED Games On Switch And 3DS Are Now On Sale, Up To 50% Off (North America)

    Celebrating 15 years of localisation

    XSEED Games has slashed the prices of its games on the Switch and 3DS eShop in North America to celebrate 15 years of localising and publishing titles within this region. There are plenty of options across both systems, and "most" games are up to 50 percent off, according to the official press release. This sale...

  • News XSEED Games Cops Backlash Online For Not Crediting Former Employee

    Oh dear...

    XSEED Games is currently under fire for not crediting former members of staff. This is all tied to its policy to only acknowledge its current members of staff. According to Eurogamer, the US company which specialises in the translation of Japanese games has been attacked on social media, after former localisation producer Brittany Avery...

  • News Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Retail Edition Heading to Wii U on 27th December

    Still hits the eShop on 20th December, though

    Shantae, WayForward's tentpole IP that's developed an audience on Nintendo portables in addition to other systems through remasters, is getting its next title very soon - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Crowdfunded and a decent amount of time in the making, we're now just a couple of weeks from playing it. A...

  • E3 2016 XSEED Bringing Japanese-Style Action Adventure Exile's End To Wii U

    A "cinematic platformer" made with Japanese artists

    During our US team's walk around the showfloor at this year's E3 it has been discovered that XSEED is bringing the indie title Exile's End to the Wii U eShop. Created by one-man studio Magnetic Realms (in reality Japan-based Australian Matt Fielding), Exile's End takes inspiration from a wide...

  • News XSEED Unveils Corpse Party 3DS Details, Including a 'Back to School Edition'

    The horror is coming this Summer

    Earlier this week it emerged that XSEED was planning to bring mature horror title Corpse Party to North America, thanks to an ESRB rating. As previously mentioned this is actually a remastered port of a sequel on PSP, Corpse Party: Blood Covered ...Repeated Fear, but is being rebranded to make a splash in the West...

  • News XSEED VP Talks About the Future of the Rune Factory Series

    "Marvelous knows fans are clamoring for a sequel"

    For those of you that aren't aware, Rune Factory is an interesting RPG that aims to merge elements of Harvest Moon with more conventional fantasy themes. While a large portion of the game does revolve around tending crops and building relationships with fellow villagers, there's also dungeons to...

  • Rumour XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's About-Face On Publishing Devil's Third

    The devil is in the detail

    Devil's Third has endured a tortured route to retail, losing its original publisher THQ to bankruptcy and being picked up by Nintendo after years of development, but one of the most unusual twists was that it very nearly got dropped by Nintendo of America only to be picked up again when the company performed a...

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    Review Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven

    Domestic Bliss

    When Rune Factory developer Neverland sadly shut up shop in 2013, there was still one project left on the table - a brand new story-driven SRPG named Lord of Magna. It lay unfinished until Marvelous miraculously reassembled part of the original team to finish the game, and we're lucky they did; it's not perfect, but with fun battles,...

  • News Looks Like We May Get To Play PoPoLoCrois Harvest Moon After All

    XSEED teases a Western localisation

    PoPoLoCrois Harvest Moon launches in Japan soon, and brings together two very famous names in the world of Japanese role-playing adventures. Of the two, Harvest Moon is arguably the most well-known - this farming RPG has been a staple of the games industry since the days of the SNES. PoPoLoCrois is perhaps less...

  • News Rune Factory 4 Arrives On The European and Australian 3DS eShop On 11th December

    One week to go

    Following on from the classification of Rune Factory 4 by the German videogame rating board in October, XSEED Games — in conjunction with Marvelous Europe — has announced the most successful iteration in the series to date will arrive in Europe and Australia exclusively via the 3DS eShop next week, on 11th December. The latest...

  • News XSEED Will Release Rune Factory 4 as an eShop Title In Europe

    Unnamed developer is assisting the process

    After the closure of Japanese developer Neverland in November last year due to sluggish performance, along with further bad news of the cancellation of its most recent title, Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS in Europe, the chances of the fourth entry in the beloved series being released outside of North America...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Senran Kagura Burst

    Fit to Burst

    Fresh from the friendly fields of Rune Factory 4, XSEED returns with another, decidedly more deadly offering from the Land of the Rising Sun in Senran Kagura Burst. Taking its gameplay inspiration from classic side-scrolling beat-'em-ups, and its over-the-top, undergarment-filled style from anime and manga, this is a fun, frenzied...

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    Review Rune Factory 4

    A Rune of one's own

    The Harvest Moon series has become something of a standby over the last decade or so, so it's easy to forget just how revolutionary it was when it first hit the Super Nintendo back in 1996. An RPG where players progressed not by fighting battles or banishing evil, but by tending gently to the land, caring for animals, and finding...

  • News Pandora's Tower Release Date Announced for North America

    The slaying and serving up of monsters is set for 16th April

    The forecast for the final Operation Rainfall title is shaping up: XSEED Games has announced that Pandora’s Tower for the Wii will begin hitting North American stores on 16th April. Pandora’s Tower sees chain-wielding protagonist Aeron taking on The Thirteen Towers, in order to slay...

  • News XSEED Reveals Unchained Blades for 3DS eShop

    A link for the future

    XSEED Games is known for bringing top drawer RPGs to North America — it's publishing The Last Story after all — and it's just revealed another role player for Nintendo fans to get their hands on: Unchained Blades. The Japanese dungeon-crawler — known as Unchained Blades Rexx in the Land of the Rising Sun — will get a...

  • News The Last Story Coming to Wii in North America

    At last!

    Your prayers have been answered: The Last Story is coming to North America. XSEED Games is publishing the critically acclaimed RPG in North America later in 2012, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced. You can read our The Last Story review to find out why this game is worth the wait.

  • First Impressions Fishing Resort

    Is there a catch?

    Yuji Naka's Prope studio has been responsible for some interesting Wii titles over the past few years, including Ivy the Kiwi and the upcoming Rodea the Sky Soldier. So when the developer announced Fishing Resort, many gamers were left wondering just exactly how a game like this would turn out. And while its cute look and feel is...

  • News Solatorobo Goes Gold, Gets NA Release Date

    Touted RPG finally coming to North America

    European gamers have been enjoying Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for over two months now, but XSEED has just announced that the game has not only gone gold, but it's also been set for a September 27th release in North American territories. If by some miracle you're still undecided about the game, you can check...

  • News Fishing Resort Tugging on a North American Line

    Prope's fishing game reeled in this Fall

    From hedgehogs to kiwis, Yuji Naka has been involved with games that star somewhat uncommon animals and his studio Prope is getting ready for the release of its upcoming Wii game that follows a similar trend: this time, it's fish. Since leaving SEGA in 2006, Naka went on to found Prope and along with fellow ex-staff members from Sonic Team, Naka began..

  • News XSEED: Localising Solatorobo Did Not Open Channels of Communication with NOE

    Future prospects of publishing Nintendo titles "very slim"

    With Nintendo of America's announcement that it had no plans to release Xenoblade Chronicles or The Last Story coupled with their recent emphasis on bringing more third parties to the table, some hoped that the Big N would allow a smaller Western publisher to do the honours and thus end...

  • News Solatorobo Tracks Down a North American Publisher

    Red the Hunter sniffs out more DS owners

    With the European localisation of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter confirmed with a 1st July release, it's now time for North America to get the official word regarding a localisation for that particular region. While Nintendo is in charge with marketing and distributing the title in Europe, XSEED Games will be...

  • Competition Ivy the Kiwi? Contest Winner!

    The envelope please

    We'd like to congratulate Acerocksyourworld on being the lucky winner of our Ivy the Kiwi? Competition. You'll soon be receiving your very own copy of the Wii release along with an autographed piece of Ivy the Kiwi? artwork taken directly from XSEED's E3 2010 booth. We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who...

  • Hands On Ivy the Kiwi?

    We take Yuji Naka's unique platformer for a spin

    Only getting a few minutes to play Ivy the Kiwi? at the recent E3 trade show in Los Angeles, it was difficult to get a good feel for what the games had to offer. While it was certainly fun getting to see them in action and having the gist of the gameplay fully explained, a part of me still wanted to...

  • News Ivy the Kiwi? Gets Release Date

    Unique platformer is on the way

    XSEED Games have just announced that their upcoming Wii and DS releases of Ivy the Kiwi have officially gone gold and are set to be released at North American retailers on August 24th. Ivy the Kiwi is a unique platforming title created by legendary Sonic creator Yuji Naka along with his Prope Studio developers and is set to retail for $29.99 for the Wii version and..

  • E3 2010 First Impressions: Ivy the Kiwi?

    Yuji Naka shows off his newest project

    For the three or four people on the planet who don't know, Yuji Naka is the former head of Sega's Sonic Team and had a hand in the creation of the Mega Drive Sonic releases. He was also heavily involved in the creation of NiGHTS Into Dreams for the Sega Saturn before leaving the team to pursue other projects. Now Naka-san is in charge of his own game..

  • News Ivy the Kiwi? Story Might Make You Cry a Bit

    Poor little lost bird

    You may have heard Nintendo Life staff James Newton and Corbie Dillard discuss this title in the latest episode of the podcast, and Ivy the Kiwi? continues to gain momentum with new screenshots and details about the tiny bird's story hitting the 'net from US publisher XSEED Games. Developed by Let's Tap developer PROPE, headed...

  • News Ivy the Kiwi Story - Chapter One

    It's story time!

    Xseed have just sent over some more information on their upcoming Ivy the Kiwi releases for Nintendo Wii and DS due to hit store shelves this summer. They've also sent the first part of their ongoing story for the games that will be released in parts between now and the official release date. You can check out Chapter One below and...