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  • News Team17 Confirms An End To Its 'MetaWorms' NFT Project

    "We have listened to our Teamsters, development partners, and our games’ communities"

    Team17, the hugely successful UK-based publisher and developer, has been facing a storm of bad publicity since revealing plans for a 'MetaWorms' NFT project. Many details were yet to be revealed, but the negative reaction was swift from some fans of the company...

  • News Team17 Is Jumping On The NFT Train With 'MetaWorms'

    Update: Staff reportedly voiced their disapproval, but to no avail

    Update: According to a report from Eurogamer, some Team17 employees had voiced their disapproval of the company's venture into NFTs, only for those concerns to be ignored, while others had no knowledge that the plans were taking place until the news broke this morning. "Eurogamer...

  • News Worms Rumble Is Out Now, With Spaceport Added In Free Update

    Digging in

    Worms Rumble, a title that takes the classic Worms formula and turns it into real-time online multiplayer combat, has now arrived as expected on Nintendo Switch eShop. With cross-platform multiplayer also live along with the game dropping on Xbox (it was already on PlayStation and PC) there should be plenty of players around. It's worth...

  • News Team17's Worms Series Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

    Special collection arrives on Evercade

    Today is the 25th anniversary of Worms, the iconic series from Team17 that has appeared on more systems than we can count over its lengthy lifetime. The very first game in the franchise launched on 17th November 1995 on the Commodore Amiga, with more recent titles appearing on Nintendo Switch and other modern...

  • News Team17 Teases A 2020 Return For Worms

    A new game on the way?

    It looks like something new in the wacky world of Worms is set to arrive in 2020, as shown by this new tease from series developer Team17. The studio has taken to Twitter to reveal that the stars of Worms' famous turn-based strategy games are on their way back "like you’ve never seen them before". Will this be a brand new...

  • News Worms W.M.D Will Bring Havoc to the Switch on 23rd November

    File size and pricing also confirmed

    Team17 has been offering some decent support for the Switch eShop with upcoming releases, and the next to arrive will be Worms W.M.D. The publisher has confirmed that the turn-based battler will be arriving on Switch on 23rd November. It should be a pretty good edition, with Team17 previously confirming new...

  • News Worms W.M.D. And Overcooked: Special Edition Get Physical On Nintendo Switch In 2018

    Boxing clever

    UK publisher Sold Out is teaming up with Team17 to publish physical versions of Worms W.M.D and Overcooked: Special Edition on Switch, it has been revealed. Arriving in 2018, the two games will launch in physical form on Nintendo's console, adding two more titles to the machine's burgeoning retail lineup. Overcooked is already...

  • News Worms W.M.D. Is Now Officially Confirmed For Switch

    Switch version features two new forts

    Yesterday's Nintendo Summer Nindie Showcase was jam-packed with indie goodness that is coming to the Switch eShop in the foreseeable future. Team 17's upcoming Worms W.M.D. didn't make the cut (for shame), but eagle-eyed Switch fans did notice som

  • Random Worms W.M.D Assets Included in Nintendo's Nindie Showcase Press Details

    A weird error or an announcement yet to be made

    Nintendo's Summer Nindie Showcase wasn't short of announcements, but it naturally didn't cover everything coming to the Switch eShop. One game that Nintendo of America seems to be confirming - which is a new one that wasn't even in the European sizzle reel - is Worms W.M.D. At the time of...

  • News You Can Stop Waiting for Worms: Battle Islands on WiiWare Now

    It's coming out on disc instead

    It's been a long old time since we last heard anything about Worms: Battle Islands but we were expecting it to launch on WiiWare this month. Sadly, the downloadable service just got a little duller, as THQ has announced the game is on its way to Wii as a retail release. The game is now scheduled to release in...