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  • News SEGA's Got Hand Cannons!

    Move over Wii Zapper, we're bringing in the cannons - SEGA whips out some special accessories for HOTD: OVERKILL.

    Obviously SEGA are aware of how much I like HOTD, that's why they won't tell me the bad news about HOTD4 never coming to the consoles - damn you guys, make it happen, you know it makes sense. They've distracted me with OVERKILL for now,...

  • News New House Of The Dead 2&3 Trailer Online

    Zombie zapping never looked so much fun

    Sega has released a new trailer for the forthcoming House of the Dead 2&3 Return. The game is due out in the US on 18th March for the very reasonable price of $29.99. A Zapper bundle of some description is also expected.

  • News Wii're Zapping With Link's Crossbow Training

    Nintendo's Wii Zapper is out now allowing for arcade shooting action in your living room... well almost.

    Nov. 19, 2007 – Today, Nintendo's new Wii Zapper™ brings the precision and thrill of arcade-style targeting games right into your home. Made exclusively for Nintendo's Wii™ system, the Wii Zapper houses a Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ to...

  • News House Of The Dead 2&3 Return + Screenshots

    Wii becomes the console of choice for -zombies- light gun games, House of the Dead becomes the latest title announced by the arcade masters.

    "In THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2&3 RETURN, players will be able to play both versions of the game, battling the relentless attack of bloodthirsty zombies with steady aim and a quick trigger finger. Utilising the...

  • News (No Longer A) Rumour: House Of The Dead Wii?

    Well according to Spong (we know, we know!) SEGA's classic arcade shooter "House Of The Dead" will be heading to the Wii.

    According to Spong "House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Return" will be a Wii Zapper compatible game containing both House Of The Dead 2 and 3. Sources suggest the US can expect this game spring next year should the claims turn out to be...

  • Feature A Brief History Of The Light Gun On Nintendo

    With the imminent launch of the Wii Zapper here at NintendoLife we've gotten a little nostalgic as memories of the NES Zapper and Super Scope are brought flooding back.

    Light guns were around in the 1930’s beginning with Seeburg’s Ray-O-Light arcade shooter all the way back in 1936. The game involved a moving duck which must be shot in order to...

  • News Wii Will Be Zapping Before The Year's Out

    The latest in a long line of Wii peripherals (although this one is Nintendo made) is set to hit shops around the UK and Europe this year.

    The hardware which allows a docking centre for your Wii Remote and Nunchuck is already confirmed to come bundled with "Link's Crossbow Training" as some exclusive software to help you get used to playing with the...

  • News Zelda Game Accompanying Zapper

    Details emerge on the software bundled with the Wii Zapper peripheral.

    Remember when the 'Wii Zapper' was announced at E3? The attachment for the Wiimote that transforms it in to gun, similar to the Zapper made for NES. It was said there would be a training game of sorts bundled with it to introduce players to how to use the piece of plastic. Many...

  • E3 2007 Wii Zapper

    Nintendo unveil their "Wii Zapper" a new accessory designed to house your Wiimote & Nunchuk to transform it into a light gun.

    So far we know this accessory has been designed for use with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles from Capcom and Ghost Squad from Sega. The accessory will be bundled with a demonstration game similar to Wii Play, the package...