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  • News Nintendo Stars = Wii Points?

    Website slip up reveals Nintendo Europe set to allow users to exchange "Stars" for Wii Points could be available very soon!

    Spotted last week by one of our loyal members, the Nintendo Europe "Stars Catalogue" had an interesting item up for grabs, 1000 Wii Points in exchange for 789 stars! Alas, this deal turned out too good to be true. However, the...

  • News Wii Points? Go Brazillian!

    So you imported an American Wii so Nintendo of Europe wouldn't shaft you with release dates and shoddy PAL conversions.

    All is well, you have your step-down transformer, no need to worry about modded RGB cables this time if you can just get a component cable from somewhere. ARRRGGGGHHHHH how do I buy Virtual Console points!? Well my finely feathered...