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  • Parent Trap Children Are Our Future, So Let Them Play

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson on the topic of game length

    The perfect game length is a personal thing. Those with oodles of time will want maximum value from their purchases and demand at least 30 hours of gameplay, but those with less time — such as myself and the many other games-playing parents out there — may prefer games to be shorter. I...

  • Video This Is The Effect Wii Party U Has On Excitable Children

    Ain't no party like a Wii U party, y'all

    Perhaps the best way to assess the impact of Wii Party U — along with our in-depth review, of course — is to see it in action. This new release is designed for families to play together in the same room so to test this out, we eavesdropped on one family as they played — with permission, of course...