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  • News Your First Look at the Wii U Console

    Here it is

    We've seen plenty of shots and video of the controller itself, but nothing so far of the actual Wii U console. That's all changed now, as Nintendo has revealed the first shot of the machine. It looks rather like the original Wii, only more rounded, and not quite like the Super NES design some rumours pointed towards. Do you like the look...

  • Reaction Third-Party Wii U Games Confirmed

    There's a lot to cover

    Nintendo made a big song and dance about its new Wii U console reaching out to all gamers, and a big part of that is going to be support from third party publishers. Through an on-stage video we already know about several third-party games on the way to Nintendo's new home console: Ninja Gaiden 3 Darksiders II Tom Clancy's...

  • E3 2011 Nintendo Announces Wii Successor "Wii U"

    It's real!

    Nintendo's new console is called Wii U. The console comes with a touch screen sensitive controller and will allow streaming of games from the console to the portable controller. Users can play games on the controller without the need to have the TV on, or completely independently, but the two can be combined: Nintendo showed the user...

  • Rumour Epic Games to Announce Support for Wii 2

    Or 3DS, maybe

    We're just one hour away from Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference and Epic Games CEO Mark Rein has dropped a small hint that his company might be bringing support to Nintendo platforms for the first time. Rein tweeted: We have another pretty cool announcement coming today at around 10AM PST Nintendo's press conference will be on its way to winding down by that point, and with the..

  • E3 2011 Nintendo News Conference Live Text

    Get all your news here

    Today's the day Nintendo unveils its new home console for the first time, and we'll be reporting on it all live right here. There's no need to refresh: the page will update automatically, so sit back and let us take you through the most exciting event of the gaming year. Following the press conference — also broadcast live...

  • Talking Point What's in a Console Colour?

    Hardware colour is crucial in getting your message across. What will Café don?

    In today’s gadget-obsessed world, design is key. How a new piece of tech looks and feels communicates wonders about what type of product it is and the experiences it hopes to bring to the table. Form is important, but colour makes the most immediate impression:...

  • News Nikkei Corroborates Previous Wii 2 Controller Rumours

    Japanese newspaper chimes in

    On Tuesday, Nintendo will take to the stage as it delivers its presentation at this year's E3 expo, at long last revealing details on the Wii's successor. So naturally, there's just enough time for more rumours to be backed up by another source. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that the console could launch as early as...

  • Talking Point Should Nintendo Try to Recapture 'Hardcore' Gamers?

    What is hardcore anyway?

    In recent weeks the internet has been overloaded with rumours about Nintendo’s next home console, the successor to the phenomenally successful Wii. The rumours followed the usual pattern; anonymous sources said it was coming, speculation raged, ideas about the console started to find a level of consistency, and finally...

  • News Ubi: Don't Underestimate Nintendo's Ability to Innovate

    Expects to be wowed

    In one week we will get our first look at Nintendo's new home console, with all sorts of rumours circulating about its controller, horsepower and games line-up. One thing we should all keep in mind, according to Ubisoft UK Boss Rob Cooper, is what makes Nintendo stand out from its opposition: originality. What you always get...

  • Rumour Project Cafe Controller Contains a Camera

    Kitchen sink also rumoured

    The controller for Nintendo's new console, currently codenamed Project Café, gets more and more feature-packed with every rumour. The original rumours revolved around a 6" touch screen, but now a source close to industry magazine Develop has apparently revealed a new feature: a camera. "A person close to the...

  • News Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo Thinks Not

    Nintendo's director of PR thinks consoles are too unique to die off

    Fox News recently ran a story in which it suggests the traditional home console may soon be losing its place in our home as consumer demands evolve and smartphones provide deeper gaming experiences . Well, it starts off with a rather bold statement claiming that "the end is...

  • News Ubisoft Boss Praises Project Cafe, Foresees Sales Success

    The house of Rayman speaks

    Ubisoft has heavily supported the 3DS and Wii during their respective launch periods, so it's no surprise to hear the giant publisher is already looking to Nintendo's next console, currently codenamed Project Café. In a recent investor call, Ubi CEO Yves Guillemot praised the console, which is set to be unveiled at E3 on...

  • News Wait, Did Majesco Just Announce the First Wii 2 Game?

    Strange goings-on afoot

    Update: PR firm Reverb Games has responded, clarifying that the second platform is already available. Project Café jets: powering down. Zumba Fitness currently sits atop the UK all-formats chart in the UK, out-selling every other game available, mostly thanks to its recent release on the Wii. The announcement that publisher Majesco is bringing a second instalment to the Wii..

  • Rumour Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional Hard Drive

    SD cards might be sticking around

    With E3 2011 just weeks away, there's still plenty of time for rumours and claims from anonymous sources to surface about Nintendo's next home console. Kotaku's sources have revealed that the console will supposedly have 8 gigabytes of on-board flash memory instead of a more traditional hard drive, a significant...

  • News Nintendo Reinforcing Western Development for Wii's Successor

    Despite what some might think, Nintendo can't do everything by itself

    Nintendo has a number of things to get right with the successor to the Wii, or else it risks facing more competition from its rivals than it needs to. Aside from setting a new paradigm in video gaming, Nintendo will have to build on the momentum that the launch of the 3DS has...

  • News Gamestation Registering Customer Interest in Project Café

    Jumping the gun?

    We're still over a month away from Nintendo's official reveal of its Wii successor, but that doesn't mean retailers aren't keen to get in there early and start securing customer interest. Several Nintendo Life readers have reported UK retail chain Gamestation has already started registering customer interest in the new console under...

  • Talking Point Can Nintendo's Next Console Top Wii's Success?

    Where to go after you've conquered the world?

    The Wii is Nintendo's most successful home console ever, with 86 million machines sold around the world since it launched in 2006, but with the recent announcement of Nintendo's new console it's time to peek forward to the future. Wii was a remarkable success because it did something drastically...

  • News Iwata: Wii Successor to "Offer New Ways to Play In the Home"

    Get your thinking caps on

    Despite a wealth of Project Café rumours, the exact nature of Nintendo's new home console is well-guarded, with persistent whispers of a touchscreen controller the closest thing to solid details about how it'll actually work. At the recent investors' meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata gave a little insight into the...

  • News Nintendo Confirms New Console

    Releases next year and playable at E3

    Nintendo Japan has indeed confirmed the existence of its new game console, set for release in 2012 according to a new press release from Nintendo. Sadly, we still don't have any official images of the console or its controller. Nintendo has also stated that the system will be playable at this year's E3 show in...

  • Rumour Wii 2 to Cost $350, Support 3DTVs, Out in October

    Rumours continue to gain Stream

    Nintendo Stream, Project Café, Wii 2: whatever you want to call Nintendo's next home console, you might be calling it "expensive" if the latest suggestion from rumour epicentre IGN is to be believed. Claiming the system will run a custom-built AMD grap

  • News Don't Get Too Excited About Next Week's Investor Meeting

    Stream confusion

    Next Tuesday, 26th April sees Nintendo's end of financial year report, with rumours pointing to a live stream of the investors' meeting on the Japanese giant's website. While some have jumped to the conclusion that this spells out a special revelation from Nintendo, the truth may be far more mundane. A quick flick through Nintendo's...

  • Rumour Nintendo Stream Coming Sooner Than We Think

    Rumoured name and release details revealed

    According to a report today on IGN, Nintendo is considering Stream as one of the names for their upcoming game console. An IGN source also claims that the console might possibly see a release as soon as late October 2011, although it would seem more likely for Nintendo to wait until early 2012 in an effort...

  • News Miyamoto: "Please Be Patient for Wii 2 Details"

    Easier said than done

    For the past week we've been bringing you Wii 2 rumours, but Shigeru Miyamoto has just all-but confirmed the console is in the works with a few well-chosen words spoken to Edge. The respected magazine pressed Mario's creator about the upcoming console, to which Miyamoto replied: Don’t ask! Even when the Wii launched we were...

  • Rumour Could This Be the Next Nintendo Console?

    More scrumptious rumours to mull over

    Well the rumour mill marches on with yet another interesting development in the form of some pictures that may or may not be of the actual Wii successor. While it's easy to see that the system and controllers match the descriptions we've already seen popping up around the internet lately, there's absolutely no...

  • Rumour Retro Studios Working on Game for Wii Successor

    And relax

    Ready for another batch of Wii 2/"Project Café" rumours? Of course you are. The latest round comes from Gameolosophy — no, us neither — who have gone all-out with claims of fan-favourite developers, third-party loving, storage solutions and more. The most interesting nugget of a rumour hidden at the bottom of the story is...

  • Talking Point What You Want in a New Nintendo Home Console

    Wii 2 HD Remix

    This week the E3 2011 Rumour-o-Matic has suddenly spluttered into life: powered by an endless crew of anonymous sources, the rumours claim Wii 2 will contain a Blu-ray drive and screen-toting controller, as well as repeating the oft-heard statement that Nintendo is looking to "recapture the hardcore gamers and third-party...

  • Rumour Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Contains a Screen

    Whatever next?

    The rumour that Nintendo may unveil a new console at E3 has sprouted legs and run away with the Internet rumour mill today, with reports of various levels of believability hitting the web. French site 01.net has allegedly leaked the system's specifications. According to the site (which scooped the specs on Sony's NGP before its...

  • Rumour Cell Chip Could Power Wii Successor

    IBM still in the console game

    The Wii is powered by IBM's custom "Broadway" CPU along with ATI's "Hollywood" GPU, but what of the inevitable Wii successor – what silicon army might power its architecture? MCV has suggested it could be IBM's mighty Cell processor. Chief technical officer of IBM's systems and technology group Jai...

  • News Itagaki Makes Curious Remark about Nintendo's Next Console

    Not 3DS either

    Wii is approaching its fourth birthday across the world, with no announced successor currently on the horizon. We know it's in development but there's been no clue as to its form or any such thing. So when an industry figure such as Tomonobu Itagaki, former head of Team Ninja, makes cryptic comments about the company's next home...

  • Rumour Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Next Year

    Grab a handful of salt

    Last week, analyst Piers Harding-Rolls suggested a Wii 1.5 was on the way in 2012, but a new rumour points to a revamped machine on the way before 2011 is out. According to Girl Gamers Suck, an anonymous "bashful but reliable source" inside Nintendo – get that salt ready – has confirmed the machine will launch...

  • News Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way

    Not Pachter so it's safe to read on

    Despite Satoru Iwata's recent declaration that the eventual Wii successor will be a surprise, another industry analyst has predicted we'll see a stopgap between now and the launch of the main event. Piers Harding-Rolls, analyst at Screen Digest, believes Nintendo will release an upgraded version of the Wii before...

  • News Nintendo President Wants Gamers to be Surprised by the Wii 2

    So don't expect any concrete details until as late as possible

    There was a time when each of The Big Three offered something a little different with their respective consoles. With motion-control billed as the main event at this generation of home consoles, Nintendo can take pride that it was the company that warmed up for the evening, and that it's...

  • News Nintendo Doesn't See an Immediate Need for a New Wii

    Cautious, naive, or wise?

    Given the apparent leap the 3DS has taken over the current generation of DS systems, it's understandable that gamers are continuing to wonder if and when a Wii successor will be developed. Nintendo has consistently denied such a system will appear anytime soon and Satoru Iwata has recently confirmed this stance. Speaking at an Analyst Q&A at last week's E3 event, the..

  • E3 2010 Wii 2 Will Probably be 3D, says Iwata

    Might take a while, though

    The world gaming world is riding the crest of a 3D wave at the moment, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all moving into that space in the near future. Nintendo, however, is the only console manufacturer to be bringing three dimensions to the portable space, but company president Satoru Iwata has revealed its next home...

  • News Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD

    Gaming god also suggests that Star Fox may be blasting his way onto Wii

    See that smoke on the horizon, son? That's the rumour mill starting. The gaming public notoriously gets its hopes up when Miyamoto opens his mouth: it gives us permission to dream once more, like kids on Christmas Eve. Only a fool would think that Nintendo isn't working on their...

  • News Nintendo Power Unwittingly Reveals Wii 2

    ...only to discover that it has fallen foul of a cheap Photoshop trick

    Those of you lucky enough to get Nintendo Power magazine on a regular basis may have been shocked to see an image in the latest issue bearing the Wii 2 logo. The photo of a Wii Remote - which was used to illustrate an item regarding Netflix - seemed to confirm the impending...

  • News Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon

    Wii will prevail

    Be it an upgrade to the existing hardware or a brand new console, there have been many rumours and forum chit-chat over the last year concerning Nintendo’s plan to release a successor to the Wii. However, Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed the continued support to current hardware in an interview with Bloomberg Business Week. Reggie...

  • News HD Wii - Is It Coming? Depends Who You Ask

    Nintendo's left hand says, "I don't know what my right hand's doing"

    Another week, more HD Wii confusion. Last week's Nintendo investors meeting is proving to be a goldmine of quotes and teases, following the cats and WiiWare demo service, and now further translation has revealed an interesting little titbit about the possibility of an upcoming...

  • News Wii HD in 2011?

    More rumours surround the hardware successor of Wii, something we know Nintendo is working on behind the scenes.

    According to the story, Nintendo has been showing off the new system to game developers and publishers, and the set date for this device is in 2011. While our sources are reluctant to be too specific about “Wii HD,” they have been able to divulge some (albeit predictable)..