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  • News Taz's Appetite Expands Onto The DS

    Developed by WayForward Technologies, take control of The Tasmanian Devil in dual modes of play.

    Looney Tunes is one of those franchises where the roster of characters is so large and diverse, there's one for everyone. Whether you share personality traits, or you just like the way they walk and talk, you just can't help but associate yourself with...

  • News LIT Arrives in Europe on October 30th

    European gamers will get the game just in time for Halloween.

    Wayforward has just announced that their WiiWare horror title LIT will be released on the European WiiWare service on October 30th for 800 Wii Points. The wait has been long, but European gamers will finally get the opportunity to experience the spooky title for themselves. You can check...

  • News A Boy and His Blob Transforms into Video Footage!

    The first trailer is online now, and it looks rather tasty...

    We're big fans of A Boy and His Blob here at Nintendo Life - in fact, you may remember a recent podcast featured an exclusive interview with creators WayForward! - so we were very excited to see the first trailer metamorphasise into view. As you can see, the game's 2D animation is...

  • Podcast Episode 6 - WayForward Interview!

    A Boy and His Blob creators speak exclusively to us! Plus - reader's voices!

    Yes, it's already been four weeks since our last podcast, so that must mean it's time for the next Nintendo Life podcast! It's a longer beast than ever before, with over 25 minutes of top-quality Nintendo news and reviews, and a world-exclusive interview with WayForward...

  • News First PAL Screenshots of LIT

    Check out the new and improved PAL version of LIT.

    With the upcoming European release of WayForward's WiiWare title LIT, we thought it might be time to show off a few of the PAL exclusive screenshots of the game - two in particular that show off one of the main changes fans of the game have been clamoring for since the US release. As you can see in...

  • News LIT European Localization Completed

    The European release is almost here!

    The guys at WayForward have just informed us that the localization for the European release of LIT has now been completed. The game has just been submitted to the PEGI ratings service and will soon be on its way to Nintendo of Europe for approval. We've known that a few changes were being made to the European...

  • Nintendo Download Flip Champs, Final Fantasy IV, Boulder Dash (US)

    A quartet of games for you lucky North American people

    A four-game salvo awaits North American gamers this week; Mighty Flip Champs we already knew about but Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is likely to be the pick of the bunch for most Nintendo fans. The WiiWare release is set after the events of the fourth Final Fantasy game and promises the...

  • News Mighty Flip Champs Coming June 1st

    Mighty Flip Champs hits the DSiWare service on Monday.

    We'll it looks like the grueling wait for Wayforward's first DSiWare release is finally over. We just received the press release announcing that Mighty Flip Champs will be released on Monday, June 1st for 800 Nintendo Points. Below is a copy of the official press release that offers a bit more...

  • News Exclusive New A Boy and His Blob Screenshots

    Exclusive new screens of WayForward's upcoming Wii title in action!

    Well just when we decided to run the batch of A Boy and His Blob screens that were used in the WayForward interview we did, Sean Velasco, Designer/Director at WayForward, sent Nintendo Life over a brand new batch of 10 exclusive screenshots of the game in action for everyone to...

  • Interviews Matt Bozon, Adam Tierney, and Sean Velasco of WayForward - Part Two

    Matt, Adam, and Sean talk about their respective projects at WayForward, among other things.

    Here's part two of the WayForward interview where the guys talk a bit more about some of their all-time favorite video game classics, as well as shed some new light on their upcoming A Boy and His Blob game. Q. We saw in the interview with G4TV where Voldi...

  • Interviews Matt Bozon, Adam Tierney, and Sean Velasco of WayForward - Part One

    Matt, Adam, and Sean talk about their respective projects at WayForward, among other things.

    WayForward, the company behind such stand out titles as Shantae and Contra 4, have already released their LIT title on Nintendo's WiiWare serivce, and are currently hard at work on several new projects for Nintendo's Wii console. We recently got the chance to catch up with three of the creative forces..

  • News Mighty Flip Champs! On Nintendo Channel

    This game looks flippin’ awesome!

    If you read our recent interview with WayForward about their upcoming DSiWare game, Mighty Flip Champs! if you are anything like us you probably put this game right on your “instabuy” list. It certainly looks set to be the first DSiWare title to try and bring something original to the table. If you are keen to...

  • News LIT Officially Headed to Europe

    European gamers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as WayForward's LIT is on its way to the European WiiWare service.

    Although we've already seen hints here and there regarding LIT_'s eventual European WiiWare release, the guys at WayForward decided to make it official today with their announcement that LIT is indeed coming to the European WiiWare...

  • Interviews WayForward talk Mighty Flip Champs!

    From the moment we first heard of Mighty Flip Champs! we were intrigued. There wasn't much information on the game, but what we knew was exciting indeed.

    With WayForward's impressive pedigree, and some tantalizing gameplay mechanics, we knew we could expect their DSiWare debut to be something special, and we couldn't resist tracking them down for...

  • News More DSiWare: Mighty Flip Champs!

    Looks like we might have jumped the gun just a little bit with our DSiWare Pre-release Roundup! Some tantalizing details about another potential launch title are circulating...

    Mighty Flip Champs! will mark the DSi debut of WayForward Technologies. Not much is known about the game except that it takes place in a dungeon, which is navigated by...

  • News Atari 2600 Version of LIT?

    For those of you out there who are old enough to be familiar with the beloved Atari 2600 console, here's an interesting little article for you.

    It seems that one of the developers from Wayforward believes that any game design worth its weight in gold should be able to be executed on the old Atari 2600 game console. He even goes so far as to work up...

  • News USA WiiWare Update: LIT

    Allow us to shed some light (haha!) on this week’s WiiWare release – it’s Wayforward’s angst-em-up LIT, which we first clapped eyes on some time ago.

    Based inside a sinister looking school, you assume the role of Jake as he attempts to locate his girlfriend so they can presumably bunk off lessons and attach fireworks to the tails of local cats, or whatever it is that kids get up to these..

  • News LIT Coming To US WiiWare on February 9th

    Those of you out there who've been anxiously awaiting Wayforward Technologies' new WiiWare title LIT won't have to wait much longer. WayForward has just announced on their web site that LIT will be coming to the North American WiiWare service on February 9th for 800 Wii Points.

    LIT is a 3D horror action puzzler that follows Jake, a typical,...

  • News Wayforward Launches Official LIT Web Site

    The official LIT website is now live for all to check out. You might even find a link to a certain interview that one utterly amazing WiiWare website recently conducted. There are also quite a few screenshots of LIT in action as well as some really cool conceptual artwork from the game's developers.

    You can also check out the brand new LIT gameplay...

  • News Wayforward Interview - LIT

    Wayforward Technologies has gained quite a reputation for their quality titles during their years in the video game industry, creating such acclaimed titles as Shantae for the Game Boy Color system as well as Contra 4 for Nintendo's DS system.

    Now the team is getting set to release LIT, their first WiiWare title, and we thought it would be a good...

  • News Is WayForward's LIT Going To Light Up Our Lives Soon?

    Before the WiiWare service kicked off back in May we picked up on a whole list of games, some which finally came out such as Plattchen and others which just seem to be in development hell like Gravitronix. WayForward Technologies were another company who let a few things slip on their future intentions with a interesting sounding title called LIT and a remake of their Game Boy Color game Shantae. After that there was silence!

    The silence has finally been broken as this month’s Nintendo Power features some exclusive info about LI...

  • News Are Shantae Fans Going To Finally Have Their Wish Granted?

    Way back in 2001, speculation begin circulating through the gaming world that newcomer developer WayForward Technologies were developing a Game Boy Color game that would stretch the system's hardware capabilities to their limits.

    The game, called Shantae, was said to feature some of the most advanced animation techniques ever seen on a portable game system. Anticipation for the title began..

  • News Wayforward Working On Shantae Sequel For WiiWare

    Wayforward Technologies – the company responsible for the stunning Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS – has recently confirmed that it is working on an WiiWare update of the classic Gameboy Color platformer Shantae.

    The GBC original is something of a cult classic and fans have been clamouring for a sequel for years. They very nearly got one on the Gameboy Advance, but the project was sadly cancelled..

  • News WayForward Developing Exclusive Horror Puzzle Title for WiiWare

    WayForward Technologies, the company behind the bloody brilliant DS game Contra 4, has confirmed it is developing an exclusive title for Nintendo’s upcoming WiiWare service.

    LIT is a 3D horror puzzle game that sees you facing off against a high school packed with monsters. The game’s central character, Jake, is tasked with locating his girlfriend in the demonic educational facility and must..