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  • News These Lush Star Fox Zero Wallpapers Will Make The Wait A Little More Bearable

    "I see 'em up ahead. Let's rock 'n' roll!"

    Many of us had hoped that we would be playing Fox McCloud's latest adventure on our Wii U consoles this Christmas, but sadly Star Fox Zero has been delayed until early next year - despite what some slightly optimistic retailers might have you believe. The wait might be pa

  • E3 2014 Zelda Wii U Looks So Great You Really Should Put It On Your Desktop

    Wallpaper ahoy!

    If you're like us then you're probably still recovering from that gorgeous Legend of Zelda Wii U footage shown off during Nintendo's E3 Digital Event. The forthcoming game looks amazing, but 2015 feels so far away — so what better way to make the wait a little less painful than to furnish your desktop with one of these beautiful...

  • Out Today The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Wallpapers

    The wait is over

    After five long years, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is finally available across Europe. To celebrate Link's triumphant return we've put together some exclusive Skyward Sword wallpapers that you'll only find here at Nintendo Life. Available in all different sizes to suit your screen size, now you can make your desktop look...

  • Exclusive The Conduit Wallpaper

    SEGA throw us a bone with an exclusive The Conduit wallpaper for you all to enjoy.

    We know you know all about the game, it's due for release shortly and we're all starting to get quite excited. A number of our staff have now played the game (briefly) and expect great things when the finished game finally hits our Wii. For those whom are oblivous to the whole thing, here's a recap: The Conduit..