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    What are words worth?

    Would you say that you like the solutions in your games spelled out for you? In that case, Typoman is here to punish you for your careless use of language. This side-scrolling platform-puzzler spells things out for you alright. Its protagonist, antagonists, and essential level furniture are all quite literally made up of the...

  • News Typoman Update Improves Performance, Demo on the Way

    Spelling out the changes

    Update: Brainseed Factory has been in touch to outline why the update may not be triggering automatically for everyone, therefore stopping some of us from enjoying its improvements. The studio's passed on the following information. We noticed that the updated version isn't triggered automatically, apparently related to...

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    Man of letters

    Many writers daydream of their words having a powerful impact on the world; effecting change against evil and oppression. Developer Brainseed Factory has sought to adopt this concept quite literally in the form of Typoman. The bleak yet somehow achingly beautiful world of Typoman is one where letters take form and serve functions...

  • News Release Of Wii U Exclusive Typoman Postponed

    A bad spell

    Publisher Headup Games has gotten in touch to reveal that the release of its Wii U eShop exclusive Typoman has been postponed. No reasons are given for the delay, but the publisher is keen to stress that it's only a minor setback and that the development process is progressing well. The game was due to launch this week in North America...

  • Interview Brainseed Factory Discusses Typoman's Origins, Wordy Development and Making Use of the GamePad

    "We're very fortunate that Typoman's concept has been well received so far"

    There are a number of promising games on the way to the Wii U eShop, though not many are exclusives. Typoman is an exception, then, and has a promising concept. Included in the [email protected] demo range earlier in the summer, we all had a chance to see how platforming and word...