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  • News Nintendo Launches an Official Tumblr Page

    "May contain content inappropriate for children"

    In December last year we saw the launch of an official Pokémon Tumblr, which was clearly a sign of things to come. Now Nintendo has launched an official page, which is no doubt being led by Nintendo of America. This isn't the subsidiary's first dalliance with the social network, having kept us amused...

  • News Pokémon Now Has an Official Tumblr Page, For All You Trendy Types

    Officially sanctioned Pikachu GIFs ahoy!

    It can be hard to keep track of which social media platforms are 'hot', and which ones are the new Bebo or Google+, also known as 'that thing I have a login for but haven't used in about four years'. We think Tumblr is a popular thing now, and we like the official Splatoon page in any case - this writer's too...

  • News Nintendo Brands Come Out on Top in Tumblr "Year in Review" Results

    Pokémon is the "most re-blogged" games series

    Social networking is a hugely important tool for companies like Nintendo, and more importantly provides a platform for gamers to share a few of their favourite things with the online community. While there can be awful ugliness online, it's worth remembering that plenty use websites, blogs and more to...