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  • Review Titan Quest (Switch)

    Any port in a storm

    Switch’s success caught publishers off guard, and it seems portfolios are being raided to keep the steady stream of ports a-coming. Titan Quest – a revamp of the twelve-year-old hack-and-slash ARPG – is finally launching on Nintendo’s console following a PS4 and Xbox One release earlier this year. Reception was...

  • News Sharpen Your Blades Because Titan Quest Is Coming To Switch Soon

    Monster hunting, on the go

    Back in 2013, THQ Nordic acquired the rights to classic PC hack 'n' slasher Titan Quest with the aim to update its multiplayer and give the whole game a fresh makeover. Well, now it turns out all that mythical monster hunting mayhem is coming to Nintendo Switch, alongside a raft of other console platforms in 2018. Both...

  • News GameFly Lists Titan Quest For Nintendo Switch Release

    Could this 2006 cult classic be getting resurrected?

    GameFly has listed Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition for release on the Nintendo Switch. The work of Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart scribe Randall Wallace, Titan Quest is an action RPG which draws inspiration from the myths and legends of ancient Greece, Egypt and...