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  • Random This In-Development Musical Video Game Went Viral On TikTok

    Take note

    I was browsing TikTok last night, attempting to distract myself from the sticky heat of Nova Scotia by peeking through into other people's lives, when I stumbled across this TikTok, by developer Stephen Ddungu: TikTok is not huge for video games yet, but that's starting to change. The algorithm that determines what's on your front page...

  • News The Pokémon Company Has Opened A TikTok Account In Japan

    Get ready for dancing Pikachu

    If you're into the latest social media trends you might have heard about a small platform called TikTok. Jokes aside, The Pokémon Company has now opened an official account - specifically in Japan. The plan is to "deliver an even closer" pocket monster experience to fans. To start the channel, videos of Pikachu...

  • Random People Are Making Really Awful Fart Remixes Of Mario Music On TikTok


    Gen Z social media platform TikTok can be wonderful, and a carefully-curated For You Page can consist of bread recipes, comedy routines, and Hank Green telling you about why you shouldn't eat grass. But TikTok can also be a wasteland of cursed content that combines nonsensical memes with dance routines, because we're all just really...