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  • News Bird Mania Party Aims to Bring Addictive Portable Gaming to the Wii U eShop

    Have you heard about the bird?

    For some there are few more addictive score-chasers than runner games, or in the case of Bird Mania 3D 'flyer' games. The 3DS eShop title has provided some simple fun at a budget price, and now Teyon wants to repeat the trick on Wii U eShop. This series is making its way to the home console as Bird Mania Party, with...

  • News Acclaimed 3DS Shooter Steel Empire Finally Cleared For European Landing


    Steel Empire may be a distant memory to Japanese and North American players, but Europe still doesn't have access the cult 3DS steampunk shooter. Publisher Teyon previously stated that the game might not make the jump to the Old World, but that decision seems to have been overruled as the game is currently waiting on a USK rating, after...

  • News Teyon's First Wii U Game Combines Real Time Strategy, Tower Defence And The Shambling Undead

    Say hello to Zombie Defense

    Teyon has announced that its first Wii U title will launch next Thursday - September 3rd - on the European eShop. Zombie Defense is described as "a modern hybrid of a classic RTS and Tower Defence." As you can see from the announcement trailer below, it all looks very polished and suitably gory. A North American release...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut 3D

    Straight to DVD

    Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut 3D is an odd title, in that it's unashamedly simplistic yet reliant on gamers that perhaps have a hint of obsessive compulsive behaviour or, alternatively, those that cherish retro games that do little more than give you the same task repeatedly and stick your name on a leaderboard. What this does do is...

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    3DS eShop

    Review 101 Penguin Pets 3D

    These penguins might leave you cold

    When was the last time you met someone who distinctly disliked nature’s own best-dressed Antarctic fowl, the penguin? The answer is probably “never”, and Teyon is here to capitalize on that fact with its newest virtual pet product — 101 Penguin Pets 3D. Aimed directly at unsuspecting children and designed...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Groove Heaven

    Some call me “The Human Metronome”

    It seems as though rhythm games have really taken off in the past few years, especially on the 3DS. Retail titles have popped up, such as Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and more recently the eShop has been receiving musical exclusives such as the wonderfully charming Harmoknight. Now Teyon, a publisher that's no...

  • News Escape the Swarm on DSiWare This Week

    Viral survival

    Teyon's maintaining its formidable DSiWare output ratio with Escape the Virus: Swarm Survival out in North America this week. The 200 Point download asks you to form the longest DNA chain you can while dodging harmful viruses in Normal mode, or offers a Baby mode where you simply cart the DNA pieces to safety. WiiWare veterans may...

  • News Chronicles of Vampires Reawakens on DSiWare This Week

    Monster, monster

    Teyon's Chronicles of Vampires series reaches its horrific conclusion this week in Chronicles of Vampires: The Awakening, heading to DSiWare on Thursday. The 500 Point download is a blend of the puzzle and hidden object genres, so should be right at home on DSiWare. Last year we had Chronicles of Vampires: Origins, which admittedly...

  • News eShop Goes Cheap with Bird Mania 3D

    Project $2

    eShop game pricing is a hot topic — is $6 too much for a downloadable game? Should the store offer much shorter games for much less? Whatever your thoughts, empirical evidence shows Bird Mania 3D is the cheapest game to hit the 3DS yet. At $1.99 it costs less than any Virtual Console game and is on par with the cheapest DSiWare, which...

  • News Flip Out Over 101 Pinball World in January

    DSiWare turns the tables

    Teyon's habit of cramming 101 things into one DSiWare game continues unchecked, with the next title from the Polish developer, 101 Pinball World, due on 12th January 2012. The DSiWare bumper basher will set you back 500 Points and includes 101 tables spread over four themed worlds: Wizard World, Alien Spaceship, Halloween and Pirate's bay. Let's hope the gameplay is a..

  • News Take a Bite of Chronicles of Vampires: Origins This Week

    Blood? Simple

    Teyon's been quiet on DSiWare for a while but that's about to change this week, as Chronicles of Vampires: Origins will reach North America on Thursday. The vampire-related hidden object puzzle will cost 500 Points and looks a lot — in fact, exactly — like the trailer below. Other games due to reach North America in this week's download include Mighty Switch Force, Doodle Fit and

  • News How Many Levels of Breakout Is Enough?

    100? 500?

    How about 1,001? That's what's on offer in 1001 Blockbusters, the next DSiWare game due from Teyon and Selectsoft. The stack of power-ups — including magnetic paddles, protective walls and fiery and thorny balls — should hopefully keep things relatively fresh over the 1,001 levels of block-breaking that make up this 200 Point download that's out on 13th October. October 2011, San..

  • News Heavy Fire Will Blow Up your 3DS

    Are you one of the chosen few?

    Teyon's Heavy Fire series of on-rails shooters has already torn through WiiWare with Heavy Fire: Special Operations, doubled back for the sequel Heavy Fire: Black Arms and set its sights on Wii, XBOX Kinect and PlayStation Move retail with Heavy Fire: Afghanistan despite quite unfavourable review scores for the downloadable iterations. But we've uncovered another..

  • News WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire: Black Arms on Monday

    Jungle fever

    Monday's Nintendo Download will arrive amid a storm of bullets as Polish developer Teyon has revealed its next title Heavy Fire: Black Arms will land on the service next week. The successor to shoot 'em up Heavy Fire: Special Operations, Black Arms takes the fight out of the desert and into the jungle. There's a launch trailer below...

  • News Teyon Plots an Arctic Escape for DSiWare on Monday

    500 Point penguin puzzler

    Picture the scene: you want to set out on an exciting journey with zany penguins, but international law prohibits you entering the animals' habitat, even if it is in order to lead them safely through 100 frosty levels by issuing commands such as walking, jumping or waiting. You know that without you they have no chance of...

  • News Heavy Fire Heads to Retail with Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

    WiiWare series gets boxed-in

    So far on WiiWare we've had Heavy Fire: Special Operations and the upcoming Heavy Fire: Black Arms from Teyon, but the series is heading to retail in the form of Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. Publisher Mastiff Games will be bringing the game Stateside, with the official description reading thus: Enemy Contact. Open fire!...

  • News 101 Dolphin Pets to Make "African-Style" Dolphins Possible

    Teyon does it again

    You may have played 101 Shark Pets on DSiWare, but if you prefer your pets a little less man-eating Teyon has just the thing up its flipper: 101 Dolphin Pets, a simulation game with a twist. As well as the usual array of pet-training exercises, minigames, dressing-up and all-around dolphin care, you'll be able to alter your...

  • News More Puzzle Action Coming Next Month Courtesy of Super Swap

    Teyon announces the European release for its match three puzzle game

    There's no shortage of puzzle games in the DSi Shop, but European gamers hungry for one more can look forward to receiving one early next year that hit North America this past June. If you liked what you read in our Super Swap review, then you're in luck as Teyon has announced that Europe will receive the match-three puzzle game..

  • News Heavy Fire: Special Operations Targeting Europe on New Year's Eve

    Teyon deploys series debut for 500 points

    Teyon's first instalment in the Heavy Fire series might not have done much to convince us that it's a compelling on-rails shooter, but if you're brave enough to lay down the points for it, you'll be glad to know that it launches in Europe on 31st December. Heavy Fire: Special Operations will be available to download from next Friday for 500 points, five..

  • News WiiWare Gets Second Round of Heavy Fire with Black Arms

    Shooter follow-up inbound

    We may not have been completely blown away by wartime shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations, but it obviously did the business for Teyon as the Polish publisher has announced it's bringing sequel Heavy Fire: Black Arms to WiiWare in the near future. There's no doubt the game looks graphically impressive, as evident in the...

  • News Heavy Fire Rains Down on WiiWare on Monday

    Just 500 Points

    We've already had chance to have a quick blast on Heavy Fire: Special Operations, the upcoming on-rails shooter from Teyon, and soon you'll get the chance to enlist as the game is due to hit North American WiiWare on Monday, costing just 500 Points. With a heavy high-score focus, you unlock different weapons as you move up the ranks,...

  • First Impressions Heavy Fire: Special Operations

    We enlist for Teyon's war shooter

    We've been bringing you regular field updates on Teyon's WiiWare lightgun shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations since its announcement in April, and we recently got the chance to sit down and blast through two missions from the completed game. Played out entirely on-rails, Heavy Fire is immediately reminiscent of arcade light gun shooters such as Operation Wolf..

  • News You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat for 101 Shark Pets

    Portable pets coming to DSiWare

    The Teyon DSiWare production line keeps on going: with five DSiWare titles already released from the Polish publisher it's now time to meet the company's next outing, 101 Shark Pets. The game allows you to befriend one of over 100 sharks before customising them with accessories and entering them into beauty competitions. You'll also be able to teach your pet tricks,..

  • News Ball Fighter Starts Bashing Europe this Friday

    Teyon's puzzle game makes the leap across the pond

    It's been available in North America since late 2009, but coloured ball-breaker Ball Fighter from Polish team Teyon is finally heading to DSiWare in Europe this Friday. Priced at 500 Points, the game is a combination of familiar puzzle games, including Puzzle Bobble and Magical Drop, but is overall...

  • News Teyon's Super Swap Confirms Research into Matching Coloured Gems

    New DSiWare puzzler on the way for 500 Points

    In the real world, if coloured gems the size of oranges started raining into your lap you'd rush to scoop up as many as you could whilst also, probably, trying to shield your head from serious injury. Not so in the gaming world however, where the instinctive thing to do is match three of the same...

  • Interviews Mateusz Makowiec & Piotr Łatocha - Heavy Fire: Special Operations

    We catch up with Teyon to find out more about its latest WiiWare game

    Teyon has been a pretty big supporter of both WiiWare and DSiWare lately and with a new war-themed arcade shooter approaching release we thought we'd find out a bit more about the company, its newest WiiWare game and plans for the future. Mateusz Makowiec, the VP for Sales and Marketing, and Piotr Łatocha, the Project Lead for..

  • News Teyon Releases Teaser for Heavy Fire: Special Operations

    A special treat for on-rail shooter fans

    We previously reported Teyon's announcement of upcoming light-gun WiiWare shooter set in the Middle East, Heavy Fire: Special Operations. Now Teyon has released a teaser for the game that you can watch below, with more information available if you head over to the official site. The site describes it as follows: Enlist the elite special forces unit in Heavy..

  • News Teyon Announces Heavy Fire for WiiWare

    Lightgun action in the war-torn Middle East

    Teyon has just sent word that their new WiiWare game Heavy Fire: Special Operations is well into development. When we first reported on Teyon's upcoming releases it wasn't clear what kind of game Heavy Fire was going to be, but it's now been revealed to be a lightgun-style shooter set in an unnamed war-torn Middle Eastern country. Wii Zapper and local..

  • News Teyon Announces 101 Minigolf World Release and Other Upcoming Downloads

    Latest DSiWare game gets a publication date and new DSiWare and WiiWare titles revealed

    Teyon is really ramping up their output on the DSiWare and WiiWare fronts, announcing that their third DSiWare game, 101 Minigolf World, will be coming to the North American DSiWare Shop on the 15th of March. In addition they unveiled the names of five other DSiWare games due this year and an upcoming WiiWare..

  • News Ball Fighter Coming to DSiWare on Monday

    More puzzler action coming.

    Teyon have just announced that their upcoming DSiWare title Ball Fighter will be coming to the North American DSiWare service on December 7th for 500 Nintendo Points. You can check out the official press release below and we'll have a full review of the game next week. Teyon announced that starting from Monday December 7 its Nintendo DSiWare™ title, Ball Fighter will..

  • News 101 Minigolf World Coming to DSiWare

    DSiWare's first true 3D minigolf title

    Teyon has just announced that their brand new 3D miniature golf title 101 Minigolf World is on its way to Nintendo's DSiWare service. You can take a look at the official press release snippet below for more information on the game, as well as four brand new screenshots of the game in action. 101 MiniGolf World is the first ever“true 3D” miniature golf for..